Turning Back Time with Nuca Organic’s Peptide Rich Face Cream

Turning Back Time with Nuca Organic’s Peptide Rich Face Cream

Learn how Nuca Organics is using peptides and sea buckthorn for the ultimate anti-aging effect
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Anti aging products often seem too good to be true. In the world of beauty many of the outlandish claims made by skin care brands are far from the truth. Thankfully, clean beauty standards are taking over and brands like Nuca Organic are creating result-driven products for truly younger looking skin. Using science and nature to provide their customers with naturally produced, environmentally friendly and clinically proven anti aging benefits, Nuca is proving that you can reduce the look of aging skin without compromising health.

Nuca Organic is a sustainable, all natural skin care brand. Among many other products, their Anti-Aging Face Cream with peptides and sea buckthorn is an amazing example of their powerful products. We chatted with their founder about what makes their face cream so special.

What does ‘Beauty without compromise” mean?

Nuca Organic is all about “beauty without compromise” which means that we believe that clean, effective and high quality beauty is attainable without the use of fillers, toxins or negative environmental impact. For Nuca Organic, our clean beauty journey is a about the work and passion that goes into formulating clean cosmetic products in harmony with nature.

What are the most powerful ingredients in your Anti-Aging Face Cream?

When it comes to the Anti-Aging Cream, the primary ingredients are the five natural peptides. These offer a real hydro-lifting and illuminating effect on the skin. Furthermore, using an anti-aging cream with peptides has the capacity to show results in just eight weeks. Our cream reduces fine and deep wrinkles, smoothes skin and diminishes pigmentation spots. This is possible through the functions of the 5 peptides which stimulate the production of collagen. In addition, Romanian sea buckthorn oil is rich in antioxidants with a rejuvenating effect. Niacinamide, which plays an important role in restoring skin elasticity, reduces hyperpigmentation and calms redness. For a perfect balance, the anti-aging cream is enriched with organic jojoba oil, providing extra moisture the skin will love.

Who is this cream perfect for?

Those with mature skin, with fine or deep wrinkles, or who’s skin is lacking vitality and elasticity will love this cream. The anti-aging cream is your passport for the skin you want. With a fine, creamy texture, the Nuca Organic cream hydrates from the very first touch. The perfect blend between the five natural peptides, the Romanian sea buckthorn oil, niacinamide and organic jojoba oil offer visible improvement of the skin and reduction of the signs of aging. The bisabolol extracted from chamomile, has a soothing and anti-irritant effect. The cream is 100% natural, with clean ingredients and focused on the health and beauty of the skin.

What makes the ingredients so special?

The amazing combination of the natural ingredients in this formulation is one of the most impactful parts of the cream. They work perfectly together to achieve brighter, more hydrated, firmer skin. Our five natural peptides, niacinamide (vitamin B3), Romanian organic sea buckthorn oil, Jojoba organic oil, bisabolol extract and natural vitamin E are the perfect combination for the ultimate hydration and anti-aging impact.

What research led you to this formula?

The five natural peptides (tripeptide, tetrapeptide, pentapeptide) were all made in South Korea. They have a hydro-lifting and brightening skin effect. Their properties have been demonstrated through a study conducted on women aged 30-60, that used a 4% peptides cream (exactly like Nuca's Anti-aging cream) day and night for 8 weeks. Data derived from the study revealed a smoother skin and a reduction in fine and deep wrinkles, as well as pigment spots. You can read the study here.

How can consumers use this product most effectively?

Nuca Organic Anti-Aging Cream can be used twice a day. Because it has high coverage power and hydrates intensely, one should apply a pea size amount on clean skin. Gently rub it into the skin for a few moments until completely absorbed. Thanks to the high quality ingredients, the reduction of fine lines and depigmentation spots will be visible within only 8 weeks of use.

Although it is a face cream, it can successfully be used for eye contour as well. The cream is safe and since it lacks perfume, it does not irritate the sensitive skin around the eyes.

Nuca Organic’s products have an amazing way of restoring the health and radiance of the skin. Organic butters, pure extracts and peptides are their favourite ingredients. Their Anti Aging Cream isn’t the only product that harnesses the power of nature. Their Gentle facial cleanser gel with honey, glycerin, and African geranium oil is also worth trying.

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