Learn How Yum Gourmet Skincare is offering anti-aging solutions for the most sensitive skin

Learn How Yum Gourmet Skincare is offering anti-aging solutions for the most sensitive skin

Gentle, enzyme rich ingredients are combined in this magical exfoliant for luminous skin
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There was a time when anti aging skincare was defined by flaking, irritated and chemical treated skin. Skin that would eventually heal to reveal mediocre results. Thankfully, peels and harsh exfoliants are being replaced by a more preventive and holistic approach to maturing skin. Rather than stripping away the skin’s barrier or causing widespread imbalance with drying ingredients, gentle more natural alternatives are beginning to win the war on aging and skin renewal. Yum Gourmet Skincare is taking this very approach, offering skin care solutions for those with the most sensitive skin.

Yum Gourmet Skincare was the first vegan-certified, natural skincare collection in the professional market. They offer good, earth-friendly ingredients and craft them in micro-batches. Their Adzuki Blueberry Exfoliant is the perfect example of their unique formulations. Adzuki bean, rice, bamboo and colloidal oatmeal are combined for a natural, enzyme rich exfoliant that will not cause agitation to sensitive skin. We chatted with their founders to learn about makes their Exfoliant so amazing.

Tell us about Adzuki Blueberry Exfoliant and who should use it.

This product is an excellent choice for people with sensitive skin who cannot tolerate AHA's, Retinols or more aggressive peels. The oatmeal and rice powder base create a soothing skin exfoliant. Fragrance-free and gentle, this product can be used by most skin types and those who are looking to enhance skin renewal.

It is especially great for those who desire the benefits of a mild enzymatic texture peel without anything too harsh or invasive. It is excellent when it is used as a preventative and maintenance product, however for a client who is looking to correct deep wrinkles or creases, this type of scrub might not be the best choice.

Which ingredients make this product so effective?

We employ manual and enzyme-based exfoliants, which gently slough-off devitalized cells, yet are extremely gentle. Papain and Bromelain Enzymes; Bamboo and finely ground Adzuki Bean powder help to refine skin texture. The Enzymes work in harmony with the varying spherical consistency of the Bean and Bamboo powders to form a texture scrub (when mixed with water or cleanser) which buffs and awakens skin vibrancy.

What sets these ingredients apart from the ingredients in similar products?

Adzuki Blueberry Exfoliant contains more than 80% USDA organic ingredients which are cultivated in a responsible way. As a vegan, cruelty-free company we look to suppliers who share our values when sourcing raw materials. We are one of a handful of companies who make our own products, which allows us to ensure the ingredients we are using are verified for purity and freshness. We use the finest, gourmet ingredients available with considerable attention to the country of origin and sustainable farming practices of our suppliers.

What inspired you to create this formula?

When developing this product we wanted to offer our clients a gentle, natural exfoliant that would help maintain skin equilibrium. Our primary focus was to look for ingredients that refine without damaging the moisture barrier or thinning the skin. Our search for mild, non-toxic materials led us to rice and oatmeal which we boosted with the nourishing properties of organic blueberry fruit and burdock root. There is a fair amount of data to support the use of papain and bromelain in skin renewal. We believe uniting both the manual and enzymatic properties in this scrub help to enhance the overall skin revitalizing benefits.

How should Adzuki Blueberry Exfoliant be used?

As with any skincare regimen, consistency and moderation is essential. When used up to twice weekly, in conjunction with responsible skincare products, you should see enhanced clarity and luminosity. When applying to the skin, ensure you are applying and sweeping the exfoliant to the hairline bordering the face, the jaw, neck and (ideally) the decollete. An uneven application will result in uneven results. It is almost important that you are not aggressive with texture peels. You do not need to scrub deeply, a fine, gentle circular motion will help to enhance circulation and create a uniform finish.

Adzuki Blueberry Exfoliant can also be used in conjunction with a small amount of cleanser, when a mild foaming effect is desired. Additionally, it can be applied in a slightly thicker consistency and left of the skin like a masque for up to 10 minutes before removal. Once the paste is dry it can be rolled off as a gommage or rinsed with warm water.

What does clean beauty mean to you?

We believe that Clean Beauty starts with good 'gourmet' ingredients. We acknowledge the mind-body connection and it's importance to overall health. We also acknowledge its impact on the choices we make in the creation and production of our products. We choose ingredients and suppliers we believe have the consumer's best interests in mind. As a company we approach manufacturing in an eco-friendly way, trying to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible.

Yum Gourmet Skincare offers a wide range of skin care products that are formulated without artificial dyes, colours, Parabens or harsh synthetic ingredients. Their unique, carefully selected ingredients are what make this brand stand out. Their Adzuki Blueberry Exfoliant isn’t their only amazing product. If you are looking for another sensitive skin solution try their Beta Carotene Cleanser.

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