Enjoy a Full Body Spa Experience With the Ultimate Bath & Shower Gel

Enjoy a Full Body Spa Experience With the Ultimate Bath & Shower Gel

Pevonia’s Anti-Stress Bath & Shower Gel is exactly what you need in your daily routine
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When was the last time you had a proper spa experience? We spend a great deal of time and energy focusing on every other aspect of our busy lives. When skincare becomes a priority, we tend to invest our energy into facial products before considering the rest of our tired bodies. Anti-Stress Bath and Shower Gel may not be a visit to the spa, but it is undoubtedly the next best thing. Brought to you by 31-year-old, clean beauty skincare brand Pevonia, the Anti-Stress Bath and Shower Gel is the aromatic and totally revitalizing solution for your skin (and mental) health. Their brand is devoted to clinically-proven skin care solutions from head to toe. We chatted with Pevonia founders about what makes this particular product a must-have addition to any skincare regimen.

Tell us about your Anti-Stress Bath and Shower Gel.

This naturally foaming, sulphate-free shower gel is infused with aromatic sweet almond, chamomile and lavender. It converts your bath or shower into a refreshing oasis. We love that it can be used for all skin types and addresses dry skin issues. It corrects damage to the skin barrier and relieves and relaxes accumulated tension in one step. Moisturizing and non-drying, it removes daily impurities and renders your skin utterly refreshed.

What ingredients make the Anti-Stress Bath and Shower Gel so Powerful?

When you blend mild cleansing oat amino acids and saponaria extract with natural and aromatic skincare ingredients like soothing chamomile and relaxing lavender, your bathing experience becomes spa-like. The skin is gently cleansed of impurities through a sophisticated gel that transforms into a rich lather. This traps pollutants and removes impurities while antioxidant-rich sweet almond oil seals in moisture and restores and protects its outer barrier. The skin appears calm, dewy, completely de-stressed, and silky soft.

Your company has been around for much longer than many natural skincare brands; how have you chosen effective ingredients that stand the test of time?

Since its inception, the core of Pevonia’s foundational ethos is to be unique and different. Pevonia was green before it was fashionable, launching in 1991 with cruelty-free formulas and post-consumer recyclable/reusable packaging. The Anti-Stress Bath & Shower Gel offers a comprehensive approach for enjoyable daily hygiene. Used in the shower or bath, our plant-sourced, proven effective ingredients deliver a formula that delicately eliminates dirt, sweat, and dead skin cells. The aromatic benefits of sweet almond oil plus chamomile and lavender extracts guarantee total relaxation while the skin is replenished, soothed, calmed, and protected. Finally, the Anti-Stress Bath and Shower Gel stands out as a wonder product, offering a spa-level experience during your daily shower or bathing routine.

How does research back this product?

To create the Anti-Stress Bath & Shower Gel, Pevonia selected only research-backed, proven effective and natural ingredients. They are delivered in precise amounts through a uniquely designed advanced emulsion base. This provides the key to a successful formulation. Furthermore, as customary, all pre-release Pevonia products are laboratory and clinically tested for performance, safety, results, and user satisfaction by a renowned and recognized independent entity: The Department of Drug Sciences at the University of Pavia, Italy.

How should this Body Wash Be used for ultimate effectiveness?

Use this natural body wash daily to keep skin fresh. After use, towel off and spritz on the Dry Oil Body Moisturizer or Preserve Body Moisturizer immediately afterward to seal in moisture. You can also layer the two for an added dose of silky water. If you are concerned with fine lines, wrinkles, or loss of elasticity, the Pevonia Lumafirm Body Moisturizer will help manage those signs of aging.

Can you use this product in any surprising way?

This body wash can be used as a natural bubble bath for an aromatic de-stressing escape, as a gentle hand wash for daily use, and for those who suffer from eczema and psoriasis. As a shampoo for dry scalp, apply the desired amount to the hands and add warm water and foam between the palms before applying to the hair. Rub hair and scalp as usual. Then rinse very well with tepid water.

What makes your brand unique?

Aside from adhering to all FDA and EU testing standards, Pevonia invests in independent clinical evaluations to ensure product safety, efficacy, and excellent results. Pevonia believes the most powerful ingredients in skincare come from the safest source – nature. Pevonia has been the trusted brand of choice for professional estheticians at the finest spas in nearly 100 countries for three decades. We care about our planet and carbon footprint and use highly sustainable sourcing and processes that align with our stance on environmental conservation.

Pevonia continues to lead the clean beauty market as a reliable source for ultimate skincare. They are non-toxic, natural products carried in spas across the globe, and for a good reason.  If you love the Anti-Stress Bath and Shower Gel, try the Dry Oil Body Moisturizer or Preserve Body Moisturizer for an after-shower hydration boost.

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