Learn the Secret Ingredients Transforming Aging Skin with bareLUXE Founder Heather Smith

Learn the Secret Ingredients Transforming Aging Skin with bareLUXE Founder Heather Smith

Bakuchiol Age Support Elevated Face Oil is changing the face of anti-aging skincare
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When it comes to food, we have been hearing about avoiding artificial colours and flavours and eating more whole foods. For skincare, we have all heard about avoiding harmful chemicals and using more natural or botanical ingredients. There is no doubt that plant-based ingredients are trending due to their reputation for their healing and medicinal properties. Yes, some plant extracts are rich in antioxidants to fight signs of aging, some prevent inflammation and some create a protective barrier to promote hydration. But which botanicals does what? And for what skin type?

This is where bareLUXE comes in - a brand that is elevating green beauty by transforming high performance botanicals into active products. The founder is a medical physician who understands that the research that exists for most botanicals is lacking in both quality and substance and understands how to evaluate the quality of scientific evidence; she created bareLUXE Skincare out of her own values and love for clean ingredients.

Their Bakuchiol Age Support Elevated Face Oil is a testament to their efforts. The formula they have created uses pure bakuchiol for the ultimate defense against aging skin. Specifically developed with mature skin in mind, bareLUXE’s Bakuchiol Age Support Elevated Face Oil stands out among similar products in their category. We chatted with founder, Heather Smith about what makes their carefully selected ingredients so special.

What are the most powerful ingredients in this product and how do they work?

Every bareLUXE specialized face oil is built starting with a base mixture of carrier oils. I worked to perfect these proprietary CoreComplex blends over several years. There are 6 in total, and each blend targets a specific skin concern based on the plant's known traditional and medicinal uses.

The four most potent active botanicals in this product are: 1.5% Bakuchiol: A 100% pure plant-extracted molecule that acts similar to retinol, without the side effects. This means users should see visible improvements in skin elasticity, firmness, texture, pigmentation, radiance, and appearance of blemishes and wrinkles over time. Imperata Cylindrica Root Extract: Also known as Cogongrass, this extract provides long-lasting hydration, which results in skin that looks and feels soft, smooth, and plump. Date Seed Extract: An ingredient shown to result in visibly decreased wrinkle number and depth without side effects. Sweet White Lupine Seed Extract (Lupeol): An ingredient shown to visibly improve skin contour, firmness and elasticity.

What key skin issues does this product solve? Why or how are the ingredients mentioned above impactful for this skin issue?

Our skin needs to be supported as it ages. Mature skin has a different structure and different concerns. Bakuchiol Age Support Elevated Face Oil is more than just a simple face oil. It has been elevated into a functional serum with the addition of active botanicals. Age Support Elevated Face Oil is for people looking for effective clean, green beauty -- a natural, botanical alternative to retinol. It is for people who choose not to use traditional retinol-containing products due to their ingredient preferences, retinol intolerance, or desire for maximal safety in pregnancy.

What ingredients set this product apart from the ingredients used in similar products?

We have extensive research that supports the use of our botanicals and we provide it to our customers here. The structure of bareLUXE products is unique, not just the ingredients. Each specialized face oil starts with a different proprietary blend of carrier oils as a base. I'm so proud of these base oil blends. I selected each constituent based on traditional knowledge and their nourishing effects for each type of skin concern. I worked to refine and perfect the formulas over recent years ensuring the effectiveness of the products by adding oil-soluble, active botanicals. By adding them to the different base mixtures, I have elevated each of them into something much more powerful and unique.

How can consumers use this product most effectively?

Face oils are best used as the last step in your routine so their emollient qualities can help lock in the water and water-soluble actives you have used before it. Bakuchiol has not been shown to interact negatively or get deactivated by any other ingredients.

Given the nature of the potent ingredients, can the product be used in any unique or unexpected way?

A few of my customers have been using this blend on their hair and loving the results. This was unexpected and not something I've experimented with yet, but there would be no reason not to try if you wanted to.


bareLUXE continues to make strides in clean beauty. Their careful selection of botanicals and carrier oils allows them to create impactful and high quality product that doesn’t compromise the environment. They have exciting sustainability goals to look out for including eliminating plastic packaging, innovating eco friendly materials and challenging big brands to step up and help eliminate plastic packaging. Their Bakuchiol Age Support Elevated Face Oil isn’t their only amazing product. Their Northern Rescue Elevated Recovery Oil is also attracting much deserved attention as some of the best face oils out there.

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