Meet Valyxir, a Mix of Alpine Flowers and Swiss Science

Meet Valyxir, a Mix of Alpine Flowers and Swiss Science

There is a plethora of natural and organic skincare products in the marketplace today.
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There is a plethora of natural and organic skincare products in the marketplace today. Are you looking for a brand that focuses on not only natural ingredients but also high-performance formulations? Have you ever wondered how locally-sourced ingredients are used to innovate skincare that promises effectiveness? Valyxir, a clean beauty brand founded by scientist Anne-Laure, is on that mission.

Valyxir is a skincare brand with Swiss origins. This brand claims to maximize the percentage of local ingredients present in their products by using locally-sourced and highly-prized alpine flowers grown in the Alps. They have also chosen to be certified by ECOCERT. The COSMOS certification guarantees the absence of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and petrochemical ingredients (except for authorized preservatives) in their products.

What's more, Valyxir is participating in the 8th Clean Beauty Awards, where it will be evaluated based on its product effectiveness. So it is safe to say, they believe in their product performance.

Keep reading to get to know more about this brand and its story, and discover if their values and commitment to clean and ethical beauty align with yours.

Can you tell us about the history and founding story of your clean beauty brand?

My name is Anne-Laure. I’m a scientist with a PhD in chemical engineering and the founder of Valyxir. My skincare founder journey all started in 2018. I had just lost my mother, and it was the impetus I needed to reevaluate my deeper purpose in life. I decided to reconnect with my passion for cosmetics, moving back to my family home and turning our garages into a cosmetics laboratory.

What problem or need did your brand see in the beauty industry that inspired you to create a solution?

I was approaching 40 and I quickly realized that my generic moisturizer just wasn’t enough anymore. In the niche of natural and organic skincare, I found that there was little choice for high-performance products. In studying what grew locally in high elevation, I soon discovered that the secrets of high-powered skincare were right in my backyard. Indeed, the Swiss Alps are flourishing with some of the world’s most uniquely potent plants. Valyxir was born from unlocking the power and potential of alpine flowers to create high-performance and certified skincare.

What sets your brand apart from other clean beauty brands in the market? Is it the ingredients? The formulation? Locally sourced? The packaging? Is it about inclusivity and diversity?

Our skincare elixirs are not only produced in Switzerland; they are made from local raw materials. The highly-prized alpine flowers that we use are grown locally in the Alps. - To add to that, we’ve chosen to certify our product by ECOCERT. More than 95% of our plant-based ingredients are certified organic. - Moreover, each product is uniquely created and manufactured in our own laboratory in the heart of the Swiss Alps. This allows us to be fully transparent about the whole supply chain as well as our manufacturing practices.

What is one of your hero products? And why is this a product worth boasting about?

REVITALIZING MOUNTAIN FLOWER SERUM A lightweight natural serum packed with alpine flowers and three types of hyaluronic acid. This certified natural serum goes above and beyond to provide intensive hydration for skin that’s noticeably healthy and supple.

What is your brand's long-term vision for the future, and how do you see it evolving in the coming years?

The brand is still very young and there is much more to come. We hope to gradually expand our range of high-performance products. In addition, we are looking forward to selling our products in new markets.

Valyxir's participation in the Clean Beauty Awards is an exciting opportunity to see how their products perform and if they deliver on their promise of effective skincare.

It is a clean beauty brand to keep an eye on. Its claim to commit to providing effective products using active ingredients scientifically backed by clinical studies definitely ticks the box. 

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