Natural Hair Products for Healthier Locks

Natural Hair Products for Healthier Locks

Clean Beauty hair products that nourish, hydrate and leave your hair more manageable than ever
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Healthy, shiny, ravishing hair is all about careful care and a mindful selection of hair care products. We have all done it, using drying, not-so-healthy hair products that result in a short term gain and long term damage. The Clean Beauty Awards celebrates the best in clean beauty, hair care included. Our list of natural hair products is the ultimate guide to natural hair care that works both short and long term.

Energizer Pomade

Set it and forget it with this natural, non-toxic water-based hair pomade. BOYZZ ONLY's Energizer Hair Pomade allows you to style your hair effortlessly for a look that will last all day without any stiffness. Natural oils and waxes nourish the hair while holding it in place. A calming aromatherapy scent soothes tense nerves so you can leave the house in a good mood.

Renewing Shampoo Bar for All Hair Types

Wash away bad hair day with this latest chemical-free, nutrient-rich botanical extract shampoo from BIBO. The intense moisturizing qualities of the natural fatty acids in kokum butter and argan butter restore that natural shine and glow to your hair while strengthening hair follicles and promoting growth. This 100% natural, all-star shampoo is perfect for all hair types, with rockstar ingredients like pineapple extract, dragon blood extract and hydrolyzed rice protein that leaves hair luscious, thick and full of volume.

Strengthening Conditioner Bar

There's no need to settle for unhappy and unmanageable hair any longer. BIBO's unique blend of rose butter and pure broccoli seed oil provides the ultimate relief to hair that has become dry, brittle and breakable. Allow your hair to be completely renewed and restored by the natural botanical extracts in this anti-frizz conditioner, including dragon fruit extract and panthenol.

Mermaid Mist: Hair Texturizing Mist

This essential mineral-rich Dead Sea Salt and Magnesium-based formula helps nurture the scalp, stimulate hair growth and add great volume. An enhanced formula, the Aloe water and Brazil flower extract add natural lustre and rice extract amino acids aid in conditioning and hydrating hair.

Powder Based Shampoo

Reinvent your beauty routine with this concentrated powder-based shampoo from Dust & Glow. It turns into a silky, creamy lather when mixed with water and is formulated with soy protein, coconut and a probiotic complex to clean, condition and hydrate your hair. Formulated without water, this unscented shampoo is super concentrated and will last for up to 60 usages. Packaged in endlessly recyclable aluminum and a sustainable stone-based label.

Invisible Dry Shampoo Gel

Lovesong Beauty’s Invisible Dry Shampoo Gel revitalizes and restores your hair. This product is perfect for flawlessly refreshed roots without any powdery residue and is composed of natural ingredients that cleanse, protect, soothe, and rebalance.

Lavender Mint+Clover Silky Hydrating Mist

Nurturing daily mist for your skin+hair. Flourish Beauty Lab’s intensely hydrating blend of organic aloe, wildcrafted clover and vitamin B balances and strengthens hair after washing, prepares for styling, protects from heat, refreshes curls and smooths frizz.

Lemongrass + Dandelion Witch Hazel Scalp Support Shampoo

Flourish Beauty Lab’s Lemongrass and Dandelion Witch Hazel Scalp Support Shampoo was re-formulated with one thing in mind; a deeply relieved scalp. Your sensitive scalp needs extra care with wild-harvested dandelion+witch hazel to purify and soothe organic aloe vera for added hydration and healing tamanu oil for compromised skin.

Jasmine Hair + Body Oil #25

Jasmine Hair and Body Oil tames unruly hair. It offers super soft skin with a fast-absorbing, double-action formula from Greenmade goods, Infused with botanicals and essential oils and made from 100% pure and natural ingredients.

Weightless Leave-in Conditioner

Nurture and invigorate your hair with Lovesong Beauty’s Weightless Leave-In Conditioner. Composed of natural ingredients that soften, detangle, control frizz, and protect hair from heat damage, this is your hero product for a lightweight hydration and gorgeous hair from mid-length to ends.

Mekabu Hydrating Shine Serum

MASAMI Shine Serum is enriched with the Japanese ocean botanical Mekabu, giving even unruly, dull, lifeless, over-processed hair a hydrated, smoothed and nourished look. This Shine Serum works on virtually every hair type and texture to enhance shine while leaving hair soft and silky. This multi-tasking, lightweight, oil-free, water-free, and frizz-free serum protects hair from heat styling. It adds vibrancy to hair colour while providing the nutrients necessary for long-term nourishment and care.

Moist Recovery Unscented

PUUR Ingrid's Moist Recovery scent-free conditioner hydrates the hair and prevents breakage for a luscious, healthy mane. This conditioner is sure to quench your hair's thirst in no time, made with rice bran oil and acai that add luxurious shine and thickness, plus broccoli extract that adds strength.

Detoxifying & Deodorizing Shampoo

SOOTSOAP Deep Cleaning Shampoo harnesses the power of Japanese binchotan white charcoal to draw out harmful impurities from the hair and scalp. It deep cleans and removes unwanted odours, naturally. It is uniquely black in colour but lathers white, with a subtle scent of fresh aloe and citrus spice.

Refreshing Shampoo Bar

The Upfront Refreshing Shampoo Bar, icy Upfront Cosmetics, s infused with uplifting, fresh, herbal, floral tones by an agency of lemon, rosemary, and lavender notes. This sulphate-free shampoo bar creates an abundant lather that is pH-balanced to be gentle, non-irritating and safe for colour-treated hair. Provitamin B5 helps retain moisture and protect your hair from the elements. Hydrolyzed oat protein adds softness, aiding in manageability.

Sexy Sadie Hydrating Conditioner

The Sexy Sadie Hydrating Conditioner by routine has a formula that features functional scents of ylang-ylang, sweet orange, vanilla and cinnamon. Your hair will be super hydrated with a shinier, smoother, stronger look and feel.

Triple Treat Tonic

PUUR Ingrid's Triple Treat Tonic creates tangle-free, frizz-free, shiny locks. Just one spray of this hair treatment spray creates impressive results. It works the same way a leave-in conditioner does, detangling, de-frizzing and deep conditioning with one simple spray. The blend of essential oils, aloe juice and Glossyliance®, soothe hair without weighing it down. Triple Treat Tonic will leave your hair feeling soft, lustrous and transformed.

Sexy Sadie Hydrating Shampoo

routine’s Sexy Sadie Hydrating Shampoo’s formula is similar to the Sexy Sadie Hydrating Conditioner and includes functional scents of ylang-ylang, sweet orange, vanilla and cinnamon. Your hair will be cleansed and nourished with shine and strength.

Your hair will be thanking you after trying our clean beauty hair care superstars. Eco-conscious and nourishing, every one of the products on this list can help you reach your hair care goals. Your skin deserves the same nourishment. Look at our list of Amazing Face Oils for Every Skin Type to discover more clean beauty products.

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