The Ultimate List of Natural Body Care Products to Beautify your Body From Head to Toe

The Ultimate List of Natural Body Care Products to Beautify your Body From Head to Toe

From sunless tanning creams and shave balms to anti-aging body care, The Clean Beauty Award entrants have you covered.
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The Clean Beauty Awards judging process is designed to discover the best natural beauty products in the world, from head to toe. Achieving the ultimate smooth, wrinkle-free, full-body beauty requires seriously effective products, and we have you covered. In the spirit of celebrating outstanding natural beauty brands, we have curated a list of twelve body care products that offer you perfectly maintained skin from head to toe.

Dermal Sérum


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Like Protéger’s facial serums, their featherweight face and body serum is a non-greasy, breathable formula that delivers moisture to improve texture and radiance.

Rose Lotion Tube

BIBO’s rose butter-based moisturizing lotion tube is perfect for tackling dry and cracked skin. It is rich in hydrating waxes, and therapeutic oils are 100% vegan and work to infiltrate your skin to protect from moisture loss.

Magnesium Lotion

Butter Me Up Organics’ founder is targeting magnesium deficiency with her highly absorbable and super moisturizing magnesium lotion. She remarks how deficient the typical American diet is in magnesium and is coming to the rescue with a readily absorbable solution. This lotion is a beautiful addition to anyone’s body care routine and is excellent for restless legs and a myriad of ailments.

#326 Botanical Scar Balm

Blended with cocoa & shea butter, sea buckthorn & vitamin E oil, as well a variety of essential oils, Mangata Apothecary’s solution for scars is rich in natural goodness. This balm is meant to improve the look of imperfections and reinforce the strength of your skin.

De-Aging Body Balm - Papaya-Pineapple

Pevonia’s De-Aging Body Balm offers a tropical spin to an all-over anti-aging moisturizer for a firmer skin tone for smoothing lines and wrinkles. It is perfect for those with uneven, aging skin or for those wanting to prevent the signs of aging.

#317 Botanical Body Oil

Another one of Mangata’s Apothecary’s masterpieces is their Botanical Body Oil. It is a blend of palo santo and neroli essential oils mixed into a base of skin-softening carrier oils for a super nourishing anti-inflammatory result.

Sexy Sadie Hydrating Dream Cream

routine.’s Sexy Sadie Hydrating Dream Cream leaves your skin supple, soft and scented. This botanical body lotion has a fantastic scent and offers ultimate hydration with a warm, spicy aroma from essential oils like vanilla and orange peel.

Modere Cell Proof Sunless Tanning Foam

Modere’s Cell Prood Sunless Tanning Foam is more than just a self-tanner. It is infused with BioCell Collagen® CG, is super lightweight, and has quick drying. Their formula works with the skin’s protein to develop a beautiful, authentic-looking tan while hydrating from head to toe.

Active Body Oil

Specifically made with guys in mind, this massage oil relieves sore muscles and eases stress. The unique formula also fights off bacterial growth and heals damaged skin and scarring caused by acne.

Smooth Criminal Shave Balm

Lowen’s Natural Skincare’s Smooth Criminal Shave Balm is a high-performance blend for shaving everything. The formula is a unique and effective blend of natural ingredients for smoother, more hydrated skin without clogging your razor.

Hyaluronic Body Serum


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Formulated with the derma-active properties, Pascoe’s advanced anti-aging body serum nourishes your skin with its powerful clean beauty ingredients. It works to hydrate, plump and repairs visible signs of aging, improving elasticity and youthfulness.

Lemongrass Lotion Bar

This rich blend of Shea, Cocoa Butter and Babassu Oil hydrates your skin and offers a lemony scent that uplifts. Simply Organic has created this lotion bar to provide intense hydration wherever you need it.

Smoothing, tanning, anti-aging or mega hydration, the Clean Beauty Awards honours products that take beauty brand standards a step farther by being highly functional and natural. We aren’t just celebrating body care products. Our list of body scrubs might just be the perfect match for extraordinary body care. Check it out here.