Pevonia’s Best Seller Offers a Hydrating Deep Clean

Pevonia’s Best Seller Offers a Hydrating Deep Clean

Every skin type can enjoy this family-friendly cleanser
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Achieving deeply cleansed skin without losing hydration can seem like an impossible feat. Many beauty brands offer facial cleansers that necessitate a rich moisturizing follow-up to re-hydrate the skin. Pevonia has been perfecting skincare for over 30 years and has the perfect cleanser to sustain moisture and rid the skin of pollutants.

Established in 1991, Pevonia has always been ahead of its time. A clean beauty brand that consistently offers spa-quality products, this cruelty-free brand is proving its worth with products like its CleanRefresh™ Foaming Oil Cleanser. We chatted with Pevonia about what makes this product a winner.

What does clean beauty mean to Pevonia?

We believe clean beauty is about caring for our planet and carbon footprint and using highly sustainable sourcing and processes. We believe in environmental conservation and the preservation of flora and fauna. Our cruelty-free promise since launching in 1991 stands true…we never test on animals. Pevonia’s natural skincare solutions moisturize, repair, and revitalize for a more youthful-looking appearance and luminous glow. Uniting the latest in advanced manufacturing and delivery systems, Pevonia helps each individual target their top concerns and reach their skin care goals with safe, effective, clinically proven results.

Who is CleanRefresh™ Foaming Oil Cleanser perfect for?

This cleanser is perfect for dry and dehydrated skin but also ideal for soap and water lovers as an easy transition to clinical-strength, multi-benefit cleansing. It is wonderful for those who enjoy the feel of foaming cleansers but dislike how they leave their skin feeling dry or tight. The CleanRefresh™ Foaming Oil Cleanser is suitable for sensitive skin as it is family-friendly and safe for all ages. Because of the hydration, this cleanser is not recommended for very oily skin or with seborrhea.

Tell us more about how it works.

The CleanRefresh™ Foaming Oil Cleanser is a targeted, gentle but thorough and effective cleanser for dry, dehydrated, and sensitive skin types. Due to the selection of actives and incorporation of green technology, skin ridden with pollutants and impurities gets conditioned, moisturized, and soothed. It is an ideal preparatory step in any skincare routine. The unique lipid-rich formulation lubricates and protects without drying or stripping for ultra-soft skin texture.

What ingredients make this cleanser such an effective product?

The CleanRefresh™ Foaming Oil Cleanser is a multipurpose product formulated with plant-sourced, proven effective ingredients. It delivers the perfect cleanse while deeply moisturizing, strengthening the skin barrier, and soothing the skin. A coconut-derived foaming agent, green tea leaves, Arnica Montana flower extract, hyaluronic acid from sugar beets, safflower oil, and squalane from olives deliver unsurpassed side-effect-free benefits. The effects rival synthetic or drug-related ingredients in similar products. CleanRefresh™ Foaming Oil Cleanser stands out as a wonder product that offers a luxurious and pleasurable cleansing experience finished with a zesty touch of Grapefruit Oil, leaving the skin in awe.

For best results, how should consumers use the cleanser?

Place a minimal amount of this oil-to-foam Cleanser in your palm. Add a small amount of warm water and work gently with wet fingers until the oil becomes a luscious foam. Apply gently circular movements to your face and neck and rinse with warm water. It is best to use morning and evening. Follow with the Hydrating Toner if extra moisture is desired. Promptly apply the Vitamin C Concentrate and the Rejuvenating Dry Skin Cream morning and evening.

How else can the CleanRefresh™ Foaming Oil Cleanser be used?

This cleanser can also be used as a shampoo for dry scalp. Apply the desired amount to the hands, and add warm water and foam between the palms before applying to the hair. Rub the hair and scalp as usual. Then rinse very well with tepid water. Conditioner is optional and may or may not be necessary afterward. Then rinse very well with tepid water.

Pevonia’s clinical and natural approach to skincare continues to be a spa favourite. As a family-friendly brand, their products are perfect to use on even your littlest family members. The CleanRefresh™ Foaming Oil Cleanser is just one of their extraordinary products. Try the Hydrating Toner as an replenishing follow-up to their cleanser.

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