Your Ultimate Guide to Natural Beauty Face Cream

Your Ultimate Guide to Natural Beauty Face Cream

27 Clean Beauty creams for every skin type, beauty concern and every type of weather
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There is no shortage of facial creams out there. From extra hydrating and anti-aging to acne defence, oil-free, sensitive skin, night and day, it can be challenging to sort out precisely what type of cream is best for you. The big thing that sets the products entered into the Clean Beauty Awards apart from your standard pharmacy brands is that they contain no synthetic preservatives, no harsh ingredients, toxins, carcinogens or chemical compounds. This means that while they may be best suited to a particular skin type, they all tend to be well suited to nearly anyone. Gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin but active and functional enough to work on targeted skincare woes. Our mega list of 27 face creams is your natural guide to beautiful skin.

Multipotent Regenerative Night Cream

The Multipotent Regenerative Night Cream by Armes Fermentis is a multi-correctional formula designed to tighten, hydrate and revitalize the skin's overall complexion. It uses a proprietary blend of botanicals, peptides and bioactive metabolites extracted from carrot and algae ferment. These metabolites were designed to create a protective matrix on the skin while at the same time penetrating deep into the skin's cells that activate regeneration.

Sacha Inchi Face Cream

A unique blend of the most nutrient-dense superfoods from the Amazon rainforest, Sacha Inchi Face Cream by Amazonian Skinfood contains sacha inchi, cacay oil, green coffee oil, acai, and ucuuba butter. The non-greasy and fast-absorbing, nutrient-dense face cream with plant-based natural peptides contain ingredients that help stimulate cell regeneration and boost overall skin health. This multifaceted face cream helps the skin retain long-lasting moisture, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and decreases roughness for smoother, younger-looking skin.

Jardin Flaneur Light Creme Moisturizer

Asklepios Garden's Jardin Flaneur Moisturizer is a long-lasting & moisture-rich light creme that delivers an abundance of skin-nourishing nutrients deep into the epidermis. Gently scented with only skin-beautifying essential oils found in a Mediterranean garden. Neroli, citrus, lavender & rosemary, with a touch of jasmine & sandalwood, this product is suitable for all skin types. It is formulated with the finest & ethically sourced organic ingredients and carefully packaged within a luxurious Italian thick glass vessel.

TAICHO Essence in Lotion

TAICHO is an everyday moisturizing lotion with ceramide and hyaluronic acid to support the skin's moisture barrier and prevent water loss. It is formulated with Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract for a hydrated, balanced complexion.

Revitalizing All-in-One Essence for Dry Skin

DrLOUIE All-in-One Essence is a toner, serum, and moisturizer in one bottle. With this one product, you can skip and replace your everyday toner, serum, and moisturizer allowing for a quick but effective anti-aging skincare routine morning and night. It is the ultimate anti-aging time and money saver for those looking to simplify their anti-aging skincare routine.

Wonder balm

It is infused with a unique blend of oils, including organic non-GMO rapeseed oil and precious essential oils that include Frankincense and Myrrh. It acts as a cleanser and moisturizer depending on the skin's condition. Especially suited for those undergoing hormonal change, it works to repair and restore, leaving the complexion softer, hydrated and with a radiant, healthy glow.

RS2 Care Cream

Pevonia's RS2 Care Cream offers cool, comforting, and detoxifying relief from Rosacea symptoms. This uniquely textured cream provides skin with vaso-constricting and repairing benefits and UV protection. It features Rose, Green Tea, Licorice, and Chamomile for immediate calming and skin smoothing benefits. Pevonia's RS2 Care Cream diffuses blotchiness while soothing and moisturizing the skin, leaving behind a clear complexion.

Fresk Moisturiser

Fresk's Moisturiser provides all-day protection for women with dry and sensitive skin, forming a barrier to protect them from moisture loss and dry environments.

Gentle on skin with no harmful chemicals and is preservative-free.

Soft As A Peach Creme

Soft As A Peach Creme by KAELEN HARWELL Organic Skincare Products is full of herbs, aloe, and antioxidants. It helps hydrate and calm sensitive skin, producing a soothing effect with a sweet aroma.

Clarifying Citrus Moisturizer

The Clarifying Citrus Moisturizer is the perfect lightweight moisturizer packed with antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory ingredients, helping retain moisture and leaving the skin feeling soothed, nourished and looked after.

Essential Day & Night Cream

Essential for all skin types, this nutrient-rich cream can be used both morning and evening. Loaded with essential fatty acids and teas that help fight free radicals, it drenches skin with moisture.

Daily Bliss Moisturiser

Organic Works Daily Bliss Moisturiser has incredible clean beauty credentials, with 99.03% of the total ingredients of natural origin. With rich plant-based ingredients, most of which are from organic farming, this product protects and nourishes your skin all day with plant extracts; fragrant may chang & almond essential oils.

Restore Moisturiser

PB SKN's Restore Moisturiser is a lightweight yet nourishing cream packed full of free-radical-fighting antioxidants and restorative ingredients. It is formulated to help strengthen the skin's structure and protective barrier to withstand the effects of harmful pollutants, irritants and exercise-related free-radical damage. The powerful actives deeply hydrate and plump dehydrated skin, smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and soothe exhausted, post-workout skin.

Azure Dream Cloud

This ethereal lotion and serum hybrid by Pura Botanicals has a whipped texture and sloughs off dead skin cells for revitalized-looking skin. Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, and all-natural fruit acids help to firm the skin. Moroccan blue tansy oil soothes, softens and helps improve the skin's resiliency and Japanese yuzu oil aids in neutralizing harmful free radicals. Intensive nutrients from cold-pressed avocado oil, prickly pear extract and cooling cucumber extract maintain a supple, lifted, and radiant finish.

Plant Stem Cell & Kombuchka Creme

PureCeuticals Plant Stem Cell & Kombucha Creme is formulated with gardenia stems, which have powerful antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. This creme has the ability to boost collagen, repair and renew. Kombucha Extract is a fermentation of sweet black tea which deeply hydrates and maintains elasticity, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Luna Amazonian cream

Luna Amazonian Cream by Gachala Skincare contains the most potent, purest anti-ageing ingredients from the depth of the Amazonian Rainforests. Its intelligent formula contains natural complex molecules that deliver its active ingredients to the deepest layer of the skin. Using Luna Amazonian Cream will leave your skin toned and hydrated.

Revitalising Day & Night Gold Cream

Purodore’s versatile Day & Night Cream is perfectly formulated to add protection and moisture. It's a powerful product that revitalizes, brightens, and tightens the skin. This smooth cream includes Vigna Aconitifolia seed extract, a natural alternative to retinol. It energizes tired and dull skin by fading pigment changes and enhancing cell regeneration and collagen production. The result is brighter, firmer, and nourished skin.

Ultra Rich Moisturiser

Retreatment Botanics Ultra Rich Moisturiser is a rich deluxe face moisturiser that deeply hydrates, leaving your skin soft, dewy and luminous. This pure performance formula contains vitamins C, A, E and essential fatty acids. Featuring vitamin-intensive Kakadu Plum, Mountain Pepper Berry, Sea Buckthorn and hyaluronic acid. It is made with natural and organic ingredients.

Blue Bliss Beauty Balm

A rich, potent facial balm by Rosemira Organics to moisturize and soothe sensitive and irritated skin. The main goal of this balm is to alleviate redness associated with rosacea. Shea butter, cacao butter, marula, baobab, and essential oils of Immortelle, lavender, geranium, and frankincense all collaborate into a concentrated product to moisturize and diminish redness, cool and soothe irritated skin.

THE Moisturizer

Rosemira Organics’ THE Moisturizer provides a magical combination of Hyaluronic Acid, nourishing vegetable oils, Nut butters, Aloe-Vera Gel and Floral Hydrosols that achieves both fast-acting and intensive results.

Calming Moisturizer

SprucedFern Skincare is a cutting-edge face cream that combines 10% niacinamide with rich, soothing banana extract. Replenishing calendula extract and anti-inflammatory hemp seed extract are blended with coenzyme Q10 to reduce imperfections reduce redness and reveal a healthy-looking complexion.

Triple Rose Cream + Lipo-Amino & Hyaluronic Acids

Triple Rose Anti-Aging Cream with Rose Petals, Rose Water & Rosehip Oil + Lipo-Amino & Hyaluronic Acids by Calli Essentials has 20 roses in every jar. This luxurious and nourishing anti-aging cream is excellent for all skin types, especially sensitive or those with rosacea. It purifies your skin with powerful antioxidants, promotes cell regeneration and relieves irritations and rashes.

Replenishing Moisturizer

Replenishing Moisturizer by SprucedFern Skincare combines hibiscus, rhodiola root, prairie berry, blackberry and blueberry stem cell nutrition with active peptides octa-peptide three and tetrapeptide 2. It diminishes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and damaged skin to reveal a healthy-looking complexion.

Skin System Care Day & Night

Tigoderm skincare day & night is a clean and organic skin system with active antioxidants, green tea and the powerful benefit of a probiotic. As an antioxidant, green tea in the day cream not only protects against environmental influences such as UV rays but also against free radicals and supports the skin's natural detoxification function.

The probiotic-based night cream balances the pH by providing the skin with healthy bacteria ready to fight the bad ones. The result: the natural skin flora is rebalanced overnight.

The Aida Intensely Hydrating Face Cream

Packed with hydrating and brightening ingredients like Niacinamide, Moringa Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, and powerful fruit antioxidants, this lightweight and water-based moisturizer is a fantastic option for achieving nourished, healthy, and radiant skin.



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Ego Harmony's ARGAN & PRICKLY PEAR night cream effectively and gently helps against skin aging thanks to a unique combination of rich natural ingredients. The cream improves skin hydration, increases its firmness and elasticity, and, when used regularly, effectively reduces wrinkles. This cream is also suitable for sensitive skin prone to acne.

Hyaluronic Face Cream

Enriched with high and low molecular weight of hyaluronic acid and the unique synergy of eight healing herbs, Pascoe's face moisturizer rejuvenates and hydrates your skin. Pascoe's hyaluronic acid cream is scientifically formulated to penetrate the deep layers of the skin and infuse valuable moisture into fine lines, flaky and dry skin. This means plumper, more resilient skin with a luxuriously silky-smooth appearance.

With 27 tried and tested natural face creams to choose from, our clean beauty award judges had their work cut out for them. Discovering the perfect face cream doesn’t have to mean buying a plethora of products when you have the Clean Beauty Awards to guide you.

Are you looking for additional hydration? Our list of Serums for Literally EVERY Skin Type is here.

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