Replace Your Toxic Fragrances with These Clean Beauty Awards Finalists

Replace Your Toxic Fragrances with These Clean Beauty Awards Finalists

Celebrating the odour care and perfume finalists from the 2022 Clean Beauty Awards
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The 2022 Clean Beauty Awards is all about celebrating, rejoicing and honouring the brands taking beauty to the next level. It is no secret that mainstream fragrances are toxic. Multiple research studies have proven that the chemical used to make standard fragrances, antiperspirants and deodorants are inked to scary health risks. Packed full of allergens, hormone disruptors, asthma triggers, neurotoxins & carcinogens, you want to stay far away from those nasty products. The Clean Beauty Awards perfume and odour care entrants, however, are not just natural but also smell heavenly and do the trick of fighting odour.

Fragrance can be a beautiful thing when done right. The 2022 Clean Beauty Awards five finalists for the perfume category are worth gushing over. These products are delightfully and naturally scented for a perfume alternative you will love.

1 Annmarie Skin Care - Oud Révélé

This all-natural perfume is carried by the rich and wooded essence of sustainably-harvested oud. Essential oils of sandalwood and vetiver bring balance and warmth, while varietals of rose and jasmine uplift the senses with sweet florals. Luxurious and long-lasting, it evokes nature at her most pristine.

2 Wild Coast Perfumery - Jasper Eau de perfume

Wild Coast's perfumes are completely natural, using only raw ingredients, hand blended and bottled on Vancouver Island. Jasper contains a blend of over 30 essential oils, absolutes and resins. All products are free from synthetics, petrochemicals, artificial fragrance oils, dyes, parabens, and phthalates.

3 Megan Potter - Ella

Ella by MEGAN POTTER is a fresh contemporary floral with cheerful citrus tones. This original fragrance cleverly blends florals, musk, vanilla and fruity essences with a subtle exotic spiciness and upbeat citrus. Think modern romance, femininity and confidence, this scent is timeless and will take you from daytime casual to formal events.

4 Buck Naked Soap Company - Lemon + Lavender Crystal Infused Perfume Oil

Spring brings out some of nature's best, like lemon and lavender. Soft and sweet - yet with a little zest - this Crystal Infused Perfume Oil makes for a beautiful and delicate scent while offering all the aromatherapeutic benefits of relaxation, clarity and renew your spirits. This essential oil based perfume oil is infused with an individually artisan crafted green fluorite for pure mental focus, mental ability and growth.

Our innovative crystal points are not only zero waste, they also double as a Gua Sha tool for improved circulation and lymphatic drainage. They are also an amazing meditative tool to focus your energy and centre yourself.

5 VÃHY - Ember Haze

Inspired by the comfort of fireside evenings in cosy log cabins, alpine resorts and snow-capped mountains. Ember Haze fuses smoky woods with the rich, luxurious warmth of amber and vanilla.

Deodorants and antiperspirants have been front and centre in the battle to rid the market of hazardous chemical products. That is where these top ten 2022 Clean Beauty Awards Finalists come in, saving the day (and your armpits) so that you can enjoy effective and toxin-free odour care that really works.

1 Rustic MAKA - Deo Duos: Mystic River + Clean Bliss Prebiotic (Baking Soda Free)

BiodomePro Prebiotic deodorant formula focuses on cultivating the good underarm bacteria. The proprietary blend of baobab and chicory root create a nourishing environment in order to battle the body odor, and good bacterial can thrive without the interruption of the skin's acid mantle. Each deodorant is also formulated with natural butters and oils, fortifying minerals, nutrient-rich botanical extracts that nourish and balance the underarm skin.

2 routine. - The Curator Deo Stick

The Curator Deo Stick offers an all natural formula to control odour for those with sensitive pits, while maintaining perfect pH balance. In stick format for on the go-getters. Eucalyptus, Cocoa and Black Spruce are featured resulting in a sweet, fresh and herbal finish.

3 Eon Skin Therapy Inc. - Everlasting Natural Deodorant - Citrus

Eon's aluminum, paraben, and phthalate free deodorant is not only highly effective at eliminating odour and managing wetness, but it also nourishes sensitive skin with a beautiful blend of plant based butters and oils.

4 Eco By Sonya Driver - Lemongrass Natural Deodorant

Lemongrass Natural Deodorant is a beautifully formulated all-natural deodorant that is suitable for the whole family. Instead of blocking your sweat glands, Lemongrass Natural Deodorant allows the body to release toxins naturally, keeping you fresh throughout the day. This aluminium free deodorant is also free from bi-carb, synthetic fragrances, and other toxic chemicals. Instead, it is made from organic, natural, vegan and cruelty free ingredients.

5 Cris’s Blends - Citrus & Tea Zero Waste Deodorant

Suitable for sensitive skin, this deodorant has a happy, playful and youthful aroma of citrus with a hint of tea tree. Powerful, yet gentile on sensitive skin, providing the protection and nourishing of potent plant-based ingredients, it goes on dry, without a sticky or wet feeling, keeping under-arm skin soft and odor free. Plant and mineral powders work together to eliminate odor and absorb wetness, while keeping the underarm dry and smelling amazing.

6 I Luv It Natural Deodorant - Naturally Sensitive Sassy

Naturally Sensitive Sassy is a sensitive formula; a clean deodorant that is extra gentle on delicate underarm skin (even when freshly shaved), but powerful on odour. This clean deodorant is powered by magnesium, a natural and renewable salt that helps absorb sweat and protect against odour. Carefully selected 6 ingredients ward off odour causing bacteria, while a blend of essential oils like fresh ginger and peach provide a pleasantly light scent all day.

100% compostable/recyclable jars leave zero waste, continuing to be 100% good for the planet.

7 Cleo+Coco - Charcoal Deodorant

This Charcoal Deodorant is a natural deodorant that works in harmony with the body's chemistry to detoxify impurities and neutralize odor at its root without aluminum and disruptive synthetics. The unique formulation of activated charcoal, plant-based powders, clay, and essential oils glides on clear, creating a sensorial experience that only Mother Nature could provide. Silky-smooth on the skin and scented with blissful botanical notes.

8 No Bullsh!t - Deo Cream Mojito

No Bullsh!t's all natural Deo Cream Mojito is our bestseller. The texture is very soft, creamy and is extremely effective. It's vegan, organic and Swiss Made. The fresh smell of limes and mint reminds us of warm summer nights. Both men and women love it.

9 Raw Nature - Cedarwood + Rosemary Natural Deodorant

Stay confident and fresh all day long with Raw Nature's Cedarwood and Rosemary Natural Deodorant. It's powerful key ingredients work to prevent odour and reduce sweating without the use of aluminium.

Coconut Oil is a powerful moisturiser with antifungal benefits which also strengthens the skin barrier. Helping the deodorant to glide on the skin. Magnesium Hydroxide keeps odour at bay by gently altering the pH levels on the skin preventing bacteria growth. Tapioca Powder absorbs up to 150% of its own weight in sweat and oil. New Zealand Mānuka Oil inhibits the growth of bacteria on the skin that causes body odour.

10 I Luv It Natural Deodorant - Naturally Sensitive Fresh

I Luv Its newest scent, Naturally Sensitive Sassy, is a sensitive formula. It’s the ultimate clean deodorant that’s extra gentle on delicate underarm skin (even when freshly shaved), but powerful on odour.

This clean deodorant is powered by magnesium, a natural and renewable salt that helps absorb sweat and protect against odour. Carefully selected 6 ingredients ward off all those odour causing bacteria, while a blend of essential oils; Spearmint, lemongrass and Tea Tree provide a pleasantly light scent all day. Using only a pea size amount, this jar will last up to 6 months!

I Luv Its new 100% compostable/recyclable jars leave NO waste. Printed with Vegan friendly ink. We truly are 100% good for you and the planet.

Out of hundreds of beauty products and 24 categories, The Clean Beauty Awards judges had their work cut out for them. Trying, testing, reviewing and ultimately choosing their favourite products was a long and incredibly fun process. Revealing the finalists to our community of clean beauty lovers allows us to share outstanding products that are sure to be added to your beauty regimen. It isn’t just our bodies that we are focused on. Take a look at the top hair care products from the 2022 Clean Beauty Awards.