The top performing products for your nails, pits and more.

The top performing products for your nails, pits and more.

Enjoy the benefits of clean beauty perfume, sun care, nail care, odour care and hand sanitizers with this list of 2022 finalists.
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It can often feel like no matter how much we maintain and care for our bodies, there’s somehow always something else we should be doing. From outstanding perfumes to the best hand sanitizers, there are some categories that we don’t always prioritize.

The 2022 Clean Beauty Awards Body Care finalists and winners is offering just that. These 5 body care products have been tried, tested and judged by an international panel for effectiveness and truly incredible results. Also, see what some of the judges had to say about the products.



First Place: Oud Révélé by Annmarie Skin Care

Annmarie Skin Care's Fruit Ceramide Eye Serum is a transformative treatment formulated to enhance the resilience and radiance of the delicate skin around the eyes. Pineapple ceramides and sake peptides are blended with 12 sub-formulas to target the appearance of deep lines, while lingonberry stem cells and helichrysum firm and soften. Hand-selected extracts of artemisia and Sambucus soothe sensitivities, creating a luxe complex that protects against oxidative stress and illuminates skin.

I loved the smell. It smells like fall in a bottle. hints of sandlewood brings all the other aromas together. I did have to retouch twice to be able to smell the scent again. It did not irritate or leave my skin oily. I would recommend.

Crystal, 2022 judge

Second Place: Jasper eau de perfume by Wild Coast Perfumery

Wild Coast's perfumes are completely natural, using only raw ingredients, hand blended and bottled on Vancouver Island. Jasper contains a blend of over 30 essential oils, absolutes and resins. All products are free from synthetics, petrochemicals, artificial fragrance oils, dyes, parabens, and phthalates.

Scent: Lively, Fresh - I like the minimal design and packaging of this fragrance, and the large bottle to last for many uses. This was the only fragrance in the selection that was a spray, and I found it the easiest to use for this reason. The scent was subtle but nice. I felt it would be a great option to wear for a special occasion. It had a fine mist that was not too strong, and the formula itself was not too watery.

Kierra, 2022 judge

Third Place: Ella by Megan Potter

Ella by MEGAN POTTER is a fresh contemporary floral with cheerful citrus tones. This original fragrance cleverly blends florals, musk, vanilla and fruity essences with a subtle exotic spiciness and upbeat citrus.

Think modern romance, femininity and confidence, this scent is timeless and will take you from daytime casual to formal events.

A beautiful perfume that warms the senses. The aroma is fantastic as it strikes the perfect balance between sweet and heady - the vanilla is so moreish, and I found myself drawn to this perfume more and more. The bottle is a really great size and so easy to use too! I appreciate the natural ingredients as they are much gentler on my lungs, and I was impressed by how long lasting the scent is. I kept catching the aroma throughout the day which was a delight.

Bryanna, 2022 judge



First Place: Sunday Body Glow Oil by MisMack Clean Cosmetics

This plant-based nourishing Glow Oil allows you to soak up the sun while leaving you feeling united with the sun's radiance and glow.

Smells incredible, and feels great on the skin. It adds just a touch of shimmer. Skin looks glowy and healthy, although not necessarily tanned. It’s a great, easy-to-use, multi-use product that moisturizes, adds glow, and can be used on the face and body.

Vanessa, 2022 judge


Second Place: AfterSun Body Serum by OLITA

OLITA's nutrient-packed light oil body serum is perfect for cooling down after a day in the sun or anytime the skin needs some calming hydration.

Deeply moisturizing but never greasy, OLITA's carefully curated blend of aloe vera leaf oil, coconut oil, other nourishing plant extract oils, plus Vitamin E restores essential nutrients and leaves skin with a nourished glow.

Premium all-natural ingredients specially selected to provide optimum soft and soothed skin every day or after a day in the sun.

I really loved this after sun oil. It’s a great product to help recover and soothe the skin after a day in the sun. It has no fragrance and it’s a light oil texture but it’s not oily or heavy. It’s really convenient and a great beach bag staple.

Tonie, 2022 judge

Third Place: TAICHO CICA END Sunscreen SPF 50+ by Dr Orga

A dewy brightening SPF 50 daily sunscreen formulated with Centella Asiatica extract to improve the appearance of blemishes, dark spots, dullness, and fine lines while protecting against UV rays and pollutants.

A non-toxic, biodegradable sunscreen which is non-comedogenic, sweat-resistant, also safe for the ocean, sea life and coral reef.

Fantastic sunscreen! High protection, pleasant scent, sinks into skin really quickly without leaving a greasy residue... everything you can wish for from an SPF cream!

julia, 2022 judge



First Place: Lavender Botanical Nail Pen by Greenamde goods

This tried-and-true recipe really works and is expertly blended to leave your nails feeling nourished and smelling amazing.

Apply throughout the day, or leave by the sink to use after washing hands.

Love this! It smells SO good. I actually tried this after getting and removing traditional manicure from when I got my nails done with my sister for her wedding. I do my own nails 90% of the time but the nail tech left my cuticles cut and in bad shape. This helped restore my cuticle nails and was SO easy to use. I love this applicator. It’s also a lot less messy than traditional oils.

Alex Marie, 2022 judge

Second Place: "Cover Up" Quick Dry Top Coat by HUELLA

HUELLA's ultra glossy COVER UP Quick Dry Top Coat has been formulated to speed up drying time while providing a protective layer to shield your mani from chipping.

The professional-grade flat brush provides an even application with every stroke.

This works so well and the price point is great! I use some of other nontoxic mail polishes underneath, let them dry a little, apply this and it dries so much quicker than without it.

Alex Marie, 2022 judge

Third Place: Natural Cuticle Oil by Sienna Byron Bay

Keep your cuticles healthy (and in turn, your nails) with Sienna's gentle, natural cuticle oil.

Made using the strengthening Equisetum arvense (horsetail herb extract), this is a must-have product in every daily hand care routine.

This feels so nice in my cuticles and nails! It feels and works like a high end product. I may have done it out of order but after I removed my polish, I used this on my nail bed and cuticles and gave myself a massage. It left my nail and cuticle shiny, hydrated, and healthy.

Alex Marie, 2022 judge



First Place: Deo Duos Mystic River + Clean Bliss Prebiotic by Rustic MAKA

At first I was a bit confused at Deo Duo in the name, I thought I might be getting two deodorants or it might be two sides to it, but other than that I loved it! In fact, I loved it the most out of all the deodorants I tested/ judged. I found myself reaching for it over all the others over and over again and that is a sure way to tell how much I enjoyed using it. Easy to apply, worked all day, no smell! I am definitely repurchasing it.

Renata, 2022 judge

Second Place: The Curator Deo Stick by routine

The Curator Deo Stick offers an all-natural formula to control odour for those with sensitive pits, while maintaining perfect pH balance.

In stick format for on the go-getters. Eucalyptus, Cocoa and Black Spruce are featured resulting in a sweet, fresh and herbal finish.

Easy to use, smells great. I love the experience using this deodorant.

Sophie-Leigh, 2022 judge

Third Place: Everlasting Natural Deodorant by Eon Skin Therapy

Eon's aluminium, paraben, and phthalate free deodorant is not only highly effective at eliminating odour and managing wetness, but it also nourishes sensitive skin with a beautiful blend of plant based butters and oils.

The wonderful scent was the first thing that caught my attention! This deodorant does a good job keeping me fresh from the morning until I shower in the evening. I love that this is made with plant-based butter and beeswax, which makes it feel wonderful under my arms.

Tashekia, 2022 judge



First Place: Purifier PLUS by My Alchemy Skin Care

My Alchemy Skin Care's conditioning hand sanitizer is made with 65% Organic Grape Alcohol and Essential Oils with powerful benefits to purify, nourish and give skin an intense moisture boost.

This plant-based product offers a quick absorbing lotion that is conveniently portable and helps to protect against germs, dryness and chapping.

The aromatherapy benefit of Purifier PLUS helps bring some peace and calm to your day whilst keeping your hands clean and silky smooth. For all ages and every body, Purifier PLUS is cruelty-free, Vegan Friendly and recyclable.

This is a really great option for anyone who has dry, or cracked hands. It sanitizes and also acts as hydration with a nice citrus scent. It is more of a "lotion" consistency as opposed to the typical gel or liquid of a hand sanitizer.

Chantel, 2022 judge

Second Place: Premium Hand Sanitizer Gel by Sootsoap Supply Co. Ltd.

SOOTSOAP Premium Hand Sanitizer Gel was initially developed for first responders, frontline and healthcare workers to combat common complaints of dried, even bleeding hands from hand sanitizer overuse. Frustrated with sticky residue and smelling like yesterday's hangover, SOOTSOAP Premium Hand Sanitizer Gel is a game changer.

Simple and straightforward ingredients that include aloe and peppermint. Aloe is useful for those suffering from eczema. I've found other hand sanitizers to be quite drying, eventually causing a skin rash over time. The aloe vera leaf juice is a welcome ingredient!

Sylvia, 2022 judge

Third Place: Aloe Vera Hand Cleansing Gel by AREMES FERMENTIS

The Hand Cleansing Gel is a gentle and non-drying sanitizer that contains ingredients like aloe vera, lavender essential oil, Vitamin E, and Pro-vitamin B5 to deliver moisture and protection to the skin.

A better alternative to conventional hand sanitizers that works well and smells nice….overall its a nice option and the packaging is easy to use.

Chantel, 2022 judge

From scent to sun care, this list is a perfect way to kick start or revisit your whole body maintenance. They are the best products in the clean beauty market and the big news doesn’t stop there. We are breaking down the best of the best in all of the Clean Beauty Awards categories. Read about the 2022 best leave-on face products here.

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