The Best Face Care Products To Try This 2023 According to Clean Beauty Enthusiasts

The Best Face Care Products To Try This 2023 According to Clean Beauty Enthusiasts

Curious to know what the judges had to say about the captivating face products from clean beauty brands?
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Curious to know what the judges had to say about the captivating face products from clean beauty brands? Prepare to be dazzled by a thrilling roundup of judge reviews for some awe-inspiring face products from the world of clean beauty.

With glowing reviews like these, it's clear that these clean beauty brands have mastered the art of creating products that leave a lasting impression. From gentle cleansing to invigorating scrubs and transformative serums, it's no wonder these products have cast their spell on the judges.

Find out what our judges have to say about these brands that commit to using clean ingredients and delivering results that will leave you yearning for more radiant days and more fabulous skin.

Get ready to level up your skincare game because this is a journey you won't want to miss!



Top 9 Finalist at the 2023 Clean Beauty Awards for Face Wash

This effective yet gentle 2-in-1 makeup eraser and cleanser dissolves makeup, dirt and excess sebum effortlessly. It contains mineral-rich copper complex natural melachite that removes dead skin cells and impurities without dehydrating the skin, helping the rest of your skincare product work better. Reveal smooth and glowing skin from the start of your routine!


“I loved how light and gentle the cleanser felt as I used it but it also took off all my makeup. It made my skin feel soft and not over dried.”

-Leila San Jose, the former co-founder of Clean Beauty Kit and continues to be a Better Beauty Advocate



Birch Babe - Hydrating Face Cream

Top 2 Finalist at the 2023 Clean Beauty Awards for Face Wash

This 93% organic face cream may become your favourite addition to your daily skincare routine! Chemist-approved and perfect for normal to oily and sensitive skin this face cream will help with redness and breakouts while soothing and calming skin. Infused with Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate and naturally plump skin. This face cream has been carefully crafted with only the highest quality ingredients including Rosehip Butter, Grape Seed, and Avocado Oils. Approximately 1/4 of each jar is Rose Water which is a superfood for your face.


“A truly hydrating face cream! It's lightweight, non-greasy, and absorbs quickly, leaving my skin feeling soft and moisturized all day long. I love it!”

-Lily Yan, a Mindfulness Life Coach based in Toronto


Birch Babe - Gentle Face Scrub

Winner at the 2023 Clean Beauty Awards for Face Scrub

A face scrub that naturally exfoliates and moisturizes leaving your skin glowing! Packed with sustainably sourced crushed apricot shells to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells and infused with moisturizing emollient ingredients like Rosehip Oil and Shea Butter to leave your skin feeling soft and nourished. Kaolin Clay helps remove toxins while Coconut Milk nourishes and calms skin. Infused with a dash of tangerine oils for an extra boost of happiness this Gentle Face Scrub will leave your skin glowing!


“I tested Birch Babe's Gentle Face Scrub several times over the course of a week. I so appreciate the recyclable glass jar and the brand sending their products in eco-concious mailing materials.

The texture to the hand was soft and creamy, and the all-natural ingredients smelled invigorating and refreshing. Overall, testing this facial scrub was a lovely experience.”

-Jean Doherty Trupp, has a background in the industry working as a Makeup Artist for a global beauty brand



Kaia Skin - Calming Blue Oil

Top 3 Finalist at the 2023 Clean Beauty Awards for Face Wash

This wonderfully lightweight herbal and botanical face oil is one of Kaia Skin's Customer favorites. Composed of several powerful natural ingredients, it keeps your skin nourished, soothed, and moisturized. It is suitable for all skin types and is greatly beneficial for skin that is acne-prone, sensitive, or prone to redness. As the name suggests, Calming Blue Face Oil has a calming & soothing effect for any skin aggravation or irritation, such as after waxing, shaving, or microdermabrasion.


“When I opened it I got the scent of blueberries and I love it. The texture is very watery for an oil which was unusual but it soaked into the skin in no time. If you want a soothing, moisturizing, great smelling light weight face oil, I urge you to try this oil.”

-Sarah Cropper, a new and upcoming content creator for all things clean beauty


The Eco Alchemist - Bakuchiol + Calendula Facial Oil

Winner at the 2023 Clean Beauty Awards for Face Oil

A lightweight yet luxurious facial oil featuring bakuchiol, a powerful active extract from the seeds of the babchi plant. Described as nature's alternative to retinol, bakuchiol offers similar results to retinol without side effects. Also featured is an ultra-concentrated form of calendula famous for soothing dry skin. These potent ingredients are blended into a lush base of abyssinian, meadowfoam, brazil nut, olive squalane, and rosehip oils to deliver the active ingredients while nurturing and moisturizing your skin.


“So good! If you deal with pop-up acne or redness, this product is just what you need. The serum is so lightweight, yet offers major hydration and protection for my skin. Definitely keeping it in my skincare rotation!”

-Aimee Hembree, a beauty and style influencer based in Kentucky


The mastery of these clean beauty brands in creating products that deliver remarkable results while using clean ingredients is truly commendable. The dedication to eco-conscious practices, recyclable packaging, and the use of all-natural goodness has not gone unnoticed.

Our judges were captivated by the thoughtfulness and care behind these creations, and it's no wonder they've become a favorite in their skincare rotation. Let these glowing reviews guide you as you explore these enchanting face products from clean beauty brands.

May your skincare routine be filled with potions that leave you spellbound, and may your skin radiate with the beauty that comes from nature's touch.

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