The Best Natural Deodorants and Perfumes of 2021

The Best Natural Deodorants and Perfumes of 2021

Natural Scents to keep you smelling fresh all day long.
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Looking for a natural deodorant that works or a perfume that’s free of harmful chemicals? They aren’t easy to come by, which makes this list so valuable. Winners of CertClean’s 6th annual Clean Beauty Awards, these clean deodorants, and perfumes were tested and judged by an international panel of beauty experts so you know they will work to keep you smelling great—no toxins needed.


Top 3 odour care products in 2021

First Place: Natural Deodorant – Sunshine Lime – Ultrella

Ultrella’s Natural Deodorant (Sunshine Lime) is a deodorant and antiperspirant. It does not have chemicals that get under your skin. Ultra Natural Deodorant uses IBR-Snowflake®, which has been clinically proven to help reduce sweating by over a 1/3.  Sunshine Lime smells zesty and uplifting and is designed for days when you need to feel like anything’s possible. 

Second Place: Bergamot & Cedar Deodorant – Bicarb Free Formula – B.BOLD

Say fresh and be bold all day long with B.BOLD’s new Bergamot & Cedar Deodorant (Bicarb Free Formula). This bicarbonate-free deodorant was designed for customers with sensitive underarms, who can’t tolerate the alkalizing effects of bicarbonate found in other formulas. This deodorant is vegan-friendly and just as effective as the original formula.
The new B.BOLD Bicarbonate-free deodorant replaces the bicarbonate with Magnesium Hydroxide for added detoxifying and antibacterial benefits. You will be able to enjoy the same beautiful scent as their award-winning Bergamot and Cedar. It’s effective for all-day protection, giving a smoother and silkier finish.

Third Place: Calm Deodorant – Dom’s Deodorant

Calm Deodorant is one of Dom Deodortant’s best-sellers. It has a calming scent of fresh-cut lavender with a hint of rosemary. It weighs 50mL and is certified as organic.



Top 3 perfume products in 2021

First Place: Tribune Bay natural Eau de parfum – Wild Coast Perfumery

Wild Coast Perfumery’s Tribune Bay natural Eau de parfum is inspired by Hornby Island’s magical white sand bay also known to locals as “Little Hawaii”. This is a fruity, summery, tropical scent! Like a mini escape with every spray!

Second Place: Midnight Ruze – Váhy

Váhy’s Midníght Ruze brings you femininity and sweetness of rose balanced against the pervasive spice of peppercorn. A curious scent with a fatal attraction that dances between shadow and light.

Third Place: Luna – Váhy

Váhy’s Luna is fresh yet sophisticated, light yet spicy with an intoxicating composition of bergamot, ylang-ylang, frankincense, and patchouli. It brings a versatile fragrance possessing magnetic energy.

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