The Skincare Brand Infused by Icebergs

The Skincare Brand Infused by Icebergs

How East Coast Glow is using their unique location to make the most incredible beauty products
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Sitting at the edge of the earth is one of the most inhospitable islands on the planet. Newfoundland, a province located in the farthest reaches of Canada, is an island that experiences arctic temperatures through its long winters, a plethora of unique summer greenery and a view of icebergs floating past. East Coast Glow is a brand harnessing the power of this landscape, creating clean beauty unlike anything else on the market.

East Coast Glow offers sustainable beauty products wildcrafted with pure iceberg water and all-natural ingredients from Newfoundland and Labrador. Their Wild River Mint + Rosemary Iceberg Infused Soap Mousse is an aromatic experience. They are offering much more than just a soap. We chatted with the founders of East Coast Glow to learn about their beginnings and how their product is fusing alchemy, culture and nature.

What are your company’s core beliefs?

We believe in the power of nature and our duty to protect it. That’s why we are committed to responsibly and sustainably foraging our wild ingredients, harvesting with care, and using as much locally sourced product as possible. We think carefully about our products, processes, and packaging. We strive to lessen the environmental impact of everything we do. From refillable soaps to mail-back recycling programs, we believe every decision has an impact. We rely on the natural landscape to provide the wild ingredients that make our products unique. As a result, we must do all we can to protect it. As a plant-based company, we put the planet first. Naturally.

Your Wild River Mint + Rosemary Iceberg Infused Soap Mousse is a remarkable product. What makes it so incredible?

We live when regular hand washing has never been more critical. This can often leave hands feeling dry and cracked. Ordinary soaps are incredibly hard on the skin. East Coast Glow’s moussed soap is made using only wild botanical infused plant oils and pure iceberg water spiked with our one-of-a-kind, house-made wild mint extract. It will transform your daily hand washing routine into a luxurious ritual with a sensory experience like no other.

What are you and your brand inspired by?

Newfoundlanders are known to create. We are inspired by our unique landscape, culture, and connection to nature. It is a part necessity and part witchcraft. East Coast Glow is no exception. Pairing ingenuity with alchemy, we turn humble, wildcrafted ingredients into luxury products. We do this in a modern-day natural apothecary in one of the wildest, rawest places on earth. Our wildcrafted iceberg water distillations, tinctures and potent oil infusions, combined with our meticulous processes, make East Coast Glow so completely special. Each product expresses who we are and where we come from, artfully created by hand.

You carefully select your locally produced ingredients. What makes them unique?

Here at the earth's edge, we operate according to the biodynamics of wild-growing cycles. This means that we work consciously and in sync with the earth's natural rhythms, resulting in distinctly seasonal batches. Ethical wildcrafting involves more than just harvesting; it takes an emotional connection to a location. It requires a deep understanding of the synergy of the land. We never take more than we need and intentionally care for the land to ensure its future health. Botanicals native to Newfoundland are some of the most resilient plants in the world. They have been conditioned over thousands of years to survive in one of the wildest places on earth and thrive in arctic temperatures during the long, intense winters. These conditions create the robust antioxidant profiles of wild Newfoundland plants. Our slow, meticulous processes capture and extract their diverse abundance of beneficial compounds. We embrace this diversity, knowing that variations in scent and colour are to be celebrated for each limited batch.

Which ingredients are the most powerful?

Our most potent ingredients are the pure, wildcrafted iceberg water, collected once a year during Spring from ‘Iceberg Alley,’ along with mindfully wildcrafted herbs and botanicals. Iceberg water differs from glacial water in that it has never been in contact with ground contamination – just pure, 10,000-year-old icebergs formed long before the industrial revolution (and its pollution!) Wild River Mint Iceberg Water Extract is the one-of-a-kind hero ingredient in this formula. We carefully wildcraft river mint at its peak from ‘our spot’ just before the river meets the North Atlantic Ocean. We then merge the fresh plants with pure iceberg water and vegetable glycerin to extract its powerful phenolics that show strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity. Luckily for us, river mint grows abundantly in the wild in rural Newfoundland. Wild plant-infused hemp seed and extra virgin olive oil cushion the skin to deliver an incredible fatty acid profile of linoleic, γ-linolenic, and α-linolenic acids to improve skin structure by helping the skin retain moisture.

How did you come up with your formulations?

East Coast Glow was created simply by two creative-minded parents searching for a natural solution to their newborn daughter’s agonizing skin condition. Twelve years later, the studio sits near the edge of the North Atlantic Ocean, dotted with prehistoric icebergs drifting past. This offers us the purest water on the planet for use in our formulations. Spring, summer, and fall offer an abundance of icebergs, mushrooms, salt and wildflowers that we mindfully gather at their peak. At the same time, Winter offers quiet, tranquil days to spend innovating and transforming the raw, wild ingredients into powerful skin tonics made from iceberg water botanical distillates, wild active tinctures and glycerites. We believe that the earth provides us with the very best ingredients. The alchemy of each of our scent profiles is designed to capture the essence of the wild that inspires every product we create. We invite you to join us in a simple, unhurried self-care ritual that is uncomplicated, luxurious, and sensual.

East Coast Glow offers their customers an aromatic and truly enriching experience. Every product is carefully crafted and thoughtfully packaged for the ultimate clean beauty experience. Their Wild River Mint + Rosemary Iceberg Infused Soap Mousse pairs beautifully with their Wild River Mint + Rosemary Iceberg Infused Hand and Body Lotion.

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