The Top Natural Face Scrubs and Cleansers of 2021

The Top Natural Face Scrubs and Cleansers of 2021

The most effective scrubs and cleansers that will keep your skin glowing.
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Double cleansing, oil cleansing, astringents, and scrubs—there are so many ways to get your face and body clean. But which are most effective? These 12 face and body washes and scrubs are winners in the 6th annual Clean Beauty Awards, organized by CertClean. Tested and judged by an international panel of beauty experts, these are the top-performing natural products in their categories so you know you’re getting the best products and results available.


Top 3 face wash products in 2021

First Place: Cleansing Face Wash – Organic Works 

Organic Works’ Cleansing Face Wash cleanses away impurities and daily grime with essential oils and plant extracts, restoring skin’s natural balance with rose geranium flower oil & aloe vera.

Second Place: The Clean Slate – Caldera + Lab

Caldera + Lab’s The Clean Slate is a breakthrough pH-balanced cleanser that uses gentle plant-based cleansing instead of harsh surfactants and is made with biome-friendly probiotics, clarifying plant extracts, hydrating amino acids, and mineral-rich glacial ocean silt extracts. Designed for the needs of sensitive skin, this lightweight yet invigorating cleanser leaves all skin types feeling sublimely refreshed.

Third Place: Face Wash – Carina Organics

Carina Organics’ Face Wash is a synthetic-free, scent-free, daily face wash formulated with certified organic plant, vegetable, and fruit extracts. This entirely natural and organic solution gently clears away unwanted oils, makeup, and impurities, while restoring the natural pH of your skin.



Top 3 body wash products in 2021

First Place: Thinksport Body Wash, Aloe + Tea Leaves – THINK

Think’s Thinksport Body Wash, Aloe + Tea Leaves is a simple and effective shampoo for you to use and spread the word about. Whether you’re an athlete or don’t want to smell like one, our products are formulated free of biologically harmful chemicals. It has a completed EWG Verified certification and meets the strictest standards for your health. The formulation is based on premium care ingredients and our scientific expertise in creating safer products. Tested only on humans.

Second Place: Rhythm Jun Kombucha Soap – Ginger Michelle Apothecary

Ginger Michelle Apothecary’s Rhythm Jun Kombucha Soap is a blend of eucalyptus, atlas cedarwood, grapefruit, peppermint, and bergamot pure essential oils. This bar soap is formulated using the traditional method of natural soap while using Jun Kombucha Ferment sweet tea to replace the water in the process as Ginger Michelle Apothecary discovered that the high acidic nature of the kombucha not only lends to a milder, gentler cleaning and less drying feeling to the skin but also contributes to a silky light and fluffy lather that rinses off without leaving any soapy residue.

Third Place: Artisan All Natural Soap – Lemongrass – JustBirch

Artisan All Natural Soap (Lemongrass) is luxurious handcrafted soap by JustBirch. It is created using a special combination of natural oils as well as pure birch tree water. This soap helps restore natural skin glow. Birch tree water adds to the soap nutrients necessary for skin to become soft and rejuvenated. Lemongrass and lavender essential oils add pleasant scents and extra benefits.



Top 3 face scrub products in 2021

First Place: Certified Organic Exfoliating Face Scrub – Viking Beauty Secrets 

Viking Beauty Secrets’ Certified Organic Exfoliating Face Scrub is a certified organic exfoliating Face Scrub with Icelandic Black Volcanic Sand and Rowanberries. The oil-based formula turns into a milky lather in contact with water. The rich minerals of the Icelandic black volcanic sand deeply cleanse and draw out toxins from the skin, while Rowanberries and Arctic Raspberries nourish the renewed skin. Gentle enough for sensitive skin.

Second Place: Super Acai Exfoliator – Eco By Sonya Driver

Eco By Sonya Driver’s Super Acai Exfoliator is the champion for your face. It prepares your skin for a deeper love, for your next step with our Organic skincare. Exfoliation is key for a great complexion. Super Acai Exfoliator™️ removes dead skin layers, to reveal smooth, clear skin.

Third Place: Complexion Polish – Black Chicken Remedies

Black Chicken Remedies Complexion Polish is a gentle and natural face scrub to remove impurities and dead skin cells which helps up to tone, refine, and boost cell renewal. This is formulated to nourish your skin rather than leaving it to feel dry and stripped bare of your natural oils.
The natural ingredients of Complexion Polish are formulated to even out your skin tone and lighten the appearance of sunspots and pigmentation.



Top 3 body scrub products in 2021

First Place: Coconut + Sugar Body Polish – Coconut Tree

Coconut Tree’s Coconut + Sugar Body Polish is an Australian, natural, organic, body polish, this exfoliating natural scrub has a divine lemon myrtle fragrance as it gently polishes away dead skin to bring fresh skin to the surface and restore softness.

Second Place: Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub – Eco by Sonya Driver

Eco By Sonya Driver’s Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub creates a seemingly, magical process of transformation with its beautiful, cold-pressed oils. It deeply removes dead skin layers whilst drenching your skin in a beautiful blend of lemongrass, grapefruit, and citrus botanicals. With a unique blend of natural and certified organic ingredients, Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub has been awarded best body scrub 6 times.

Third Place: Peppermint & Dandelion Body Scrub – Leaf People

Indulge the entire body and senses in Leaf People’s Peppermint & Dandelion Body Scrub. It has biodegradable and sustainable sugar-based cleansing scrub that invigorates as it rejuvenates. Boasting skin-brightening effects and potent exfoliation, this scrub cleans the skin, removes toxins, and tightens pores while restoring hydration for an all-over healthy glow.

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