The Ultimate Guide to Natural Face Masks

The Ultimate Guide to Natural Face Masks

Discover your home spa experience with clean beauty face masks you’ll adore
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It is unlikely that any of us have the time for a daily face mask ritual, but a bi-weekly home spa experience using a rich, natural face mask can make a big difference in your complexion. The Clean Beauty Awards celebrate face masks that work; we are here to spread the word about it. Our Ultimate Guide to Natural face Masks offers clean beauty insight into your very own home spa experience, using revitalizing, replenishing and super nutrient-rich face masks you are sure to adore.

Marine Luminous Hydrating Mask

AYSWE's Marine Luminous Hydrating Mask is a concentrated serum formula with an ultra-thin silk-like sheet that intensely hydrates and nourishes your skin. This high-performance mask is designed to target dehydrated, dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles, this high-performance mask contains a potent hydrating & moisturizing complex of ocean-sourced ingredients and minerals. This mask provides an antioxidant-rich boost of marine extracts for plump, healthy-looking skin.

Cherry Vanilla Scrub-Mask

Kaelen Harwell’s Cherry Vanilla Scrub mask contains Vitamins A, B, C and D, trace elements and minerals. This two-in-one scrub and facial mask improves skin tone and leaves skin soft and glowing.

Supreme Energy Ice Cubes

Supreme Energy Ice Cubes by Ameon offer a solution rich in antioxidants and nutrients with a potent amino acid-mineral complex count. It contains fruit acids that leave the skin feeling fresh, toned, and youthful. It is expertly designed to naturally encourage the facial blood vessels to constrict and dilate; the application of the Supreme Energy Ice Cubes gently pulses oxygen and nutrients into skin cells to restore and revive.

Post-Workout Australian Clay Detox Mask for Clear Skin

The Post-Workout Australian Clay Detox Mask cry Founders Formula contains Australian clay to bind with and draw out toxins, Tasmanian mountain pepper berry to reduce redness, sensitivity and inflammation, certified organic babassu seed oil and squalane to nourish and prevent skin from becoming dry. This mask is fortified with soothing peptides (tyrosine + arginine-based molecules) that stimulate the skin nerve cells to release met-enkephalin, improving comfort and signal skin cells to relax.

Centipeda and Snowflower Australian Clay Mask

A soothing, healing Australian Clay mask with old man weed (centipeda) and eucalypt to detox and calm clogged inflamed skin. These powerful ingredients are mixed with snowflower, a proven anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant surpassing even retonic acid. It also has high kaempferol levels, which break up melanin for de-pigmentation.

Pink Clay Mask

Fyve's Pink Clay Mask combats aging and sagging skin with the combination of sea buckthorn extract and rosehip extract, resulting in firm, smooth, glowing skin. The pink mask comes in powder form, allowing the user to mix water, essence, or toners to their desired consistency. It goes on smooth, dries quickly, and the delicate smell of roses leaves one feeling pleasantly euphoric.

Huna Okanagan Orchard Fruit + Honey Brightening Mask

Huna Okanagan Orchard Fruit + Honey Brightening Mask is a deliciously luxurious brightening, rejuvenating, and skin-enhancing weekly facial mask treatment. This high-performance honey-based mask contains Huna Medicinal Wildflower Honey from their own Huna Farm, along with skin-healing Manuka Honey and Quebec-sourced organic Maple Syrup with apple, pear, plum, ferulic acid, vitamin C + niacinamide.

Activated Charcoal Mask

Kaelen Harwell’s Activated Charcoal Mask is a mineral-rich, purifying mask loaded with vitamins B, A, C, and E and calming aloe vera. It helps to draw out impurities while oxygenating skin cells, all without over-drying, and while helping regulate the skin’s natural oils.

Bakuchiol Molecular Fusion Overnight Mask

LaVigne Natural Skincare's Bakuchiol Molecular Fusion Overnight Mask is an intensive, overnight sleep mask that fortifies, nourishes and revitalizes fatigued skin. This Ayurvedic-inspired, cosmeceutical treatment is an attractive solution for those who experience dehydration, loss of clarity and visual signs of aging.

Tea Tree Face Mask

Lala Skin Essentials Tea Tree Face Mask helps detoxify and cleanse the pores to reveal a brighter, clearer and smoother complexion naturally. Tea tree oil helps clear skin to improve and prevent breakouts, while hydrating ingredients like almond oil and aloe vera keep skin soothed and hydrated. The combination of natural and skin detoxifying clays like kaolin clay, rhassoul clay and French green clay help to decongest pores and deliver skin exfoliation.

Swamp Thing - Canadian Glacial Marine Clay Facial Mask

Lowen's spa-tested Swamp Thing - Canadian Glacial Marine Clay Facial Mask is a clean, safe and effective face mask using uncomplicated ingredients. The unique formula starts with Canadian glacial marine clay bathed in the pristine phytoplankton-rich coastal waters until harvested.

Overnight Watermelon Mask

PURA’s signature creamy, soft pink potion is luxuriously crafted with skin-rejuvenating squalane oil and pure watermelon extract, rich in skin-brightening Vitamins A and C and amino acids. Use this decadent overnight mask to gently remove dead skin cells, improving the skin’s texture, and enhancing a youthful-looking complexion.

Orange Peel Glow Mask

PureCeuticals Orange Peel Glow mask is bursting with Vitamin C-rich Organic citrus fruits. This glow mask has powerful antioxidant properties to combat free radicals and maintain skin elasticity while generating new skin cells. Camu Camu, high in vitamin C and niacin, has a brilliant effect on melanin-producing cells, targeting uneven tone and lifting off dead skin cells. Bioflavonoids help absorb vitamin C, while glycolic acid aids penetration, loosening up dead skin and brightening. Skin is left feeling nourished, hydrated and brighter.

Instant Glow Face Masque

The Retreatment Botanics Instant Glow Face Masque provides instant radiance to the skin. It is a nutrient-rich clay masque that visibly brightens and renews the skin. It gently exfoliates with AHAs derived from fruit acids and papaya enzymes, providing instant luminosity. This gentle and hydrating masque doesn't crack and dry hard on your skin, making it perfect for all skin types, including dry and mature, as well as oily and combination.

Honey Cleanser & Mask

The rich feel and calming scent of Ryes & Shine's 2-in-1 Honey Cleanser & Mask make this a great addition to your routine. It is a thick yet fluid mask that gently draws impurities, restores moisture and doubles as a creamy cleanser that rinses easily without stripping the skin.

Hydrating Overnight Face Mask

The Herb Farm's Hydrating Overnight Mask is a creamy natural face mask that deeply hydrates the skin overnight for a soft, radiant and nourished finish on the skin when you wake up. Potent natural extracts help to prevent moisture loss and provide collagen support as your skin repairs while you sleep.

Terra Illuminating Cleansing Mud

Terra Illuminating Cleansing Mud by Rinascentia is a gentle exfoliating cleanser that leaves your skin Illuminating, fresh and toned. This potent powder blend containing Red Iron Oxide Clay is packed with vitamin C and Hydrolysed Marine Collagen giving that healthy glow.

The power of nature is harnessed in all of the face mask entries into the Clean Beauty Award. Adding these to your weekly or bi-weekly home spa rituals will leave you with seriously good skin. If you are searching for more additions to your beauty regimen, look no further. Our list of Naturally Pore Cleansing Toners You Have to Try is here.

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