What Makes Pure Pecan Oil a Clean Beauty Award Winning Ingredient

What Makes Pure Pecan Oil a Clean Beauty Award Winning Ingredient

Learning all about what makes Nuez Acres Pecan Lash and Brow Serum a Clean Beauty Awards judge favourite
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When a lash serum comes along that harnesses the power of natural pecans, it immediately attracts attention. The nutrient-dense wonder of pecan oil in Nuez Acres products is precisely what made their Pecan Lash and Brow Serum a 2022 Clean Beauty Awards winner.

We connected with Nuez Acres founders to celebrate their win and learn about what makes their product so outstanding. But we didn’t stop there. Learning about why a product is a winner requires genuine testimonials from those who tried it. So we are leaving the gushing to our esteemed judges, who have raving reviews to match the hype over Pecan lash and Brow Serum.

Nuez Acres Founders know that pecans have a unique and impactful place in the world of clean beauty. Clean beauty is their mantra, using this natural oil to nourish skin, strengthen hair, and help you live a healthier life. They believe in the power of pecans and are so grateful for their first place Clean Beauty Award:

“We are so thankful to everyone for believing in The Power of Pecans. Thank you for sharing our passion for Clean Beauty and the opportunity to share our products and story with you!” Remarked Nuez Acres founder Nancy Wingham.

Pure pecan oil is the main ingredient in Nuez Acres’ Pecan Lash and Brow Serum. This oil contains various nutrients, including a high amount of amino acids and Biotin, promoting hair growth and strength. Over six to eight weeks, Pecan lash, and Brow Serum users experience consistent growth and increased thickness for lashes and brows. The incredible Clean Beauty Awards judges had plenty to say about the fantastic product, vouching for its effects and choosing it as the best in the mascara category.

“Growing out your lashes and caring for your brows has never been easier, thanks to this super serum. It's so simple to apply; you just sweep it across your lashes or hair and let it work its magic. It's gentle, fragrance-free, and lightweight, so you do not have to worry about any breakouts; plus, it is a solid multi-tasker, meaning you save money in the long run. You need to keep up with this, so don't expect results immediately. I also did find there is a bit of trial and error with figuring out how much to apply, but overall it's easy to use and offers a nice bit of TLC for those overlooked features. It's a great way to get your lashes longer and stronger and your brows looking good.” Shared Greener Living Influencer Bryanna from @bskye7.

Chantel of @chooselove art loves sharing her fave wellness tips, and the Pecan Lash and Brow Serum definitely made her list:

“I like how simple the use of the mascara-style wand is for application. As far as effectiveness, I feel like my brows and lashes are more hydrated and healthier.”

Yet another clean beauty lover, judge Crysta from @cleanbeautycraze, agrees, “ It is an easy-to-use product that I added to my nightly routine. The wand did a great job applying just the right amount of serum. It did not irritate, nor did it sting. I notice a slight growth in my lashes and would definitely recommend it.

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