Women-Owned Clean Beauty Brands You Should Have On Your Radar

Women-Owned Clean Beauty Brands You Should Have On Your Radar

Ever wondered what happens when passion, innovation, and clean beauty collide?
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Ever wondered what happens when passion, innovation, and clean beauty collide? These visionary entrepreneurs have not only crafted exceptional products but have also captured the hearts of experts at the renowned 8th Clean Beauty Awards. Now, it's your turn to discover the magic and uncover the stories behind these extraordinary brands.

From the enchanting realm of aroma-perfumery to a mother's determination to find gentle and natural remedies and brands that use natural resources, from home-grown lavender to Canadian glacial oceanic clay, prepare to be dazzled by a lineup of women-owned and founded clean beauty brands that are redefining the industry.

Get ready to be immersed in the world of clean beauty with an array of brands with fascinating stories. Hear about their quest for the purest vegan soap to the discovery of clever skincare that reduces waste; these brands are making waves in the industry with their passion and purpose.

These brands are not just about skincare; they're about empowerment, self-care, and making a positive impact on the world. Dive into the fascinating world of beauty, where cleanliness meets innovation, and indulge in these remarkable brands. Explore the indie clean beauty space like never before!



Chakra Aroma Perfume Number 1 - 2023 Clean Beauty Awards Winner for Perfume

Adoratherapy wants to re-introduce aroma-perfumery, an ancient healing modality, to women and men seeking alternatives to traditional chemical and alcohol-based fragrance. Essential oil-based perfumery allows you to transform your daily inner beauty rituals into intentional breathtaking moments that heal your body, mind, and soul. Aroma Perfumery supports your practice of breath and affirmation. We believe expertly blended scents to create specific mood benefits to help you manage stress, anxiety, motivation, focus, spirituality, and more are the self-help tool everyone needs to add to their daily practices of self-care. Think of aroma-perfume as your life coach in a bottle.”

-Laura McCann, CEO and Founder


bareLUXE Skincare

Crystal Infused LUXE Polishing Balm - 2023 Clean Beauty Awards Top 4 for Face Scrub

“Six years ago, I desperately needed solutions for my baby's eczema and my own breastfeeding injuries. As a physician, I knew the prescribed treatments were safe, but as a mom, I wanted more natural options. Creating my own natural remedies brought us relief and ignited my passion for skincare. Amid the stress of being an ICU doctor during COVID, I expanded my product line, including maskne solutions, and found joy in the process. Encouraged by friends and family, I turned this hobby into a thriving business venture, bringing gentle and effective skincare to others.”

-Dr. Heather Smith, Founder and CEO



Nourishing Spirulina Clay Mask - 2023 Clean Beauty Awards Winner for Face Mask

“Founder Amy is passionate about the untouched Canadian treasure, Canadian Glacial Oceanic Clay, and is committed to bringing the natural and pure hidden gem to women around the world. She believes that our best selves are portrayed by the glow of confidence reflected through beautiful and healthy skin. Sourced and harvested directly from the depths of the northern Pacific Coast of British Columbia, Canadian Glacial Oceanic Clay is enriched in more than 60 minerals and rare elements created through the marrying of glaciers and oceans, making it so potent and powerful that it can do wonders for your complexion.”

-Amy, Founder


Buck Naked Soap Company

Ripple Effect Bubble Bath Powder - 2023 Clean Beauty Awards Winner for Bath Soak

“I started Buck Naked out of the necessity for a truly natural, vegan soap. When my infant son was breaking out in rashes from store brand products, I struggled to find something that would ease his skin. At that point, I started looking to create my own. What resulted has become Buck Naked Soap Company.”

-Rina Clarke, Founder and CEO



BEFORENAFTER all-over daily conditioner - 2023 Clean Beauty Awards Top 7 for Hait Treatment

“Our founder, Pontine Paus, believes the world doesn't need more products. It needs clever skincare that is more efficient. Our products are 100% natural-origin, fragrance free, with a maximum of 10 ingredients, and all in sustainable packaging, therefore reducing waste and helping carbon footprint.”

-Pontine Paus, Founder


Freegirl Skincare

Ambitious AHA Gel Mask - 2023 Clean Beauty Awards Top 3 for Face Mask

“Jamie and Cathy discovered the healing power of wholesome food, real ingredients, and holistic plant-based care as they both separately searched for solutions to persistent skin and health issues they were experiencing. After seeing the miraculous changes happening in themselves and their family members, they knew that returning to nature was the answer to truly being free in their own skin, spirit, body, and mind. Freegirl Skincare offers an honest, holistic, and effective approach to skin wellness that uses gifts from nature — proven plant-based ingredients — to promote healthy, glowing skin naturally, without any harmful chemicals.

Our mission isn’t just to set your skin free. We support freeing women who have lived in darkness. Every Freegirl product helps support The Covering House and ReHOPE – non-profit refuges for children and teens that have experienced human trafficking or exploitation in the United States.”

-Jamie Hedman, CEO


Graydon Skincare

Face Foam Cleanser - 2023 Clean Beauty Awards Top 7 for Face Wash

“Inspired by my journey as a vegan chef and yoga practitioner, I created plant-based skincare products for good skin days. My personal struggles with health issues, including rosacea, led me to explore the connection between nutrition, mental health, and skin. This journey propelled me into the wellness world and eventually skincare entrepreneurship. Graydon Skincare was born from my passion for nutrient-dense ingredients and a desire to help people feel and look their best. Our products are crafted with mindfulness, thoughtfulness, and a focus on sustainability, making beauty better for everyone.”

-Graydon Moffat, CEO


Greenmade goods

Multi-tasker Eye Serum - 2023 Clean Beauty Awards Top 4 for Eye Care

“Greenmade goods started out of a garage in Nashville, TN. As an expecting mother, Mel K. Wilkinson, CS, started eating clean and eliminating chemically altered ingredients from her daily life. She then started to pull out items in her bathroom drawer and was shocked at what was listed on the back labels. This was the “AHA moment"! Mel left her career in the wine industry and discovered a new life purpose: to make the BEST pure and natural, skincare products and to have them accessible to everyone.”

-Mel K. Wilkinson, CS Founder and CEO


Hemp Co Australia

Peppermint & Hemp Cleanser - 2023 Clean Beauty Awards Winner for Face Wash

“We know how difficult it can be trying to find products that are naturally better for you, aren’t full of toxins, parabens or synthetic ingredients, and that actually work. We spent years trying to find natural products when we had to remove all toxins from our home while struggling to fall pregnant. And while we did use some natural products, we never really saw any great results or benefits from them. We started to research what products we could use that were good for us and our soon-to-be baby. And as we did, we learned more and more about the impacts on our health and wellbeing caused by synthetic ingredients and toxins found in skincare and around the home. We knew that even after we had children we didn’t want to go back to our old products and skincare routine. Although mind you, Dave only used whatever Fran put in the bathroom. So, between parenting our two gorgeous children and our careers as a Youth Counsellor (Fran) and a Builder (Dave), we researched and tested many products that would help bring a glow back to our tired and weary skin. We were ready to give up, until we finally learned about the amazing properties of Hemp Seed Oil, as well as the health benefits of many other natural ingredients. We enlisted the help of a very clever chemist Adam McGlone. Together, starting with the hero ingredient of Hemp Seed Oil, we researched additional ingredients that were both unique and powerful, and that skin would actually LOVE. Because we know how important it is to take care of the skin that you are in. We knew that we needed to create a range that would benefit every body and every face, every day. And the result was Hemp Co’s range of skin care and beard care products that are all natural, completely vegan, and that are totally toxin free. A range that is better for you and your skin or beard. And the best part? Our products all do what they say - they nourish and soothe your skin, or your beard. Yes, our products are basically THE unicorn of skincare. Except that they are real. And they work. And brilliantly, our products are made right here in Melbourne (our home), by another local small business. We couldn’t be any prouder of what we created for you.”

-Fran and Dave, Creators



Hereward Farms

Scrubbed - 2023 Clean Beauty Awards Top 3 for Body Scrub

“Our business, Hereward Farms, began with just 40 lavender plants and a spontaneous idea my husband and I had. However, let me start from the beginning of our journey. Honestly, starting a new business was the furthest thing from my mind when I was working as a co-partner at a marketing agency. It was only a "whim" that led us to consider growing lavender. Now, three years later, we have over 6,000 plants and offer more than 20 products.”

-Julie Thurgood-Burnett, Founder and CEO


Hereward Farms

Lavish Face Serum - 2023 Clean Beauty Awards Winner for Face Serum

“Back in 2020, I had a "whim" to try growing lavender on our 150-acre farm. To my surprise, we were able to grow and cultivate it successfully, and we ended up creating four products that quickly sold out. Since then, we have expanded our lavender to over 6,000 plants and now offer more than 20 products and sell all across North America!”

-Julie Thurgood-Burnett, Founder and CEO

Holistic Hair

Scalp Treatment Oil - 2023 Clean Beauty Awards Top 4 for Hair Treatment

“Holistic Hair was founded in 2006 and operates under the New Zealand FernMark licence. "Holistic" is not just a name on a label but an approach to scalp and hair well-being that considers environmental, social, and economic dimensions. "We started with a vision to be a trusted name in hair care," says co-owner Jodene Fendall, "but our mission has evolved and continues to evolve as we deliver on our customers' needs and expectations." Holistic hair has four key pillars: a holistic philosophy, trichology expertise, plant-based science, and a sustainable approach.

What sets us apart is our scientific knowledge and our team of cosmetic chemists and trichology experts." "We understand the physiology and conditions of the scalp and hair and what ingredients are required to achieve results and deliver an all-inclusive hair care experience".

-Nicky James-Baird, Co-Owner and Cosmetic Chemist


Kaia Skin

Calming Blue Face Oil - 2023 Clean Beauty Awards Top 3 for Face Oil

“Kaia Skin had humble beginnings in the kitchen, like many wonderful things do. Growing up in an Indian household, I was privileged to learn from my mother, who is well-versed in Ayurveda and believed that everything we needed to heal our bodies and skin could be found in the kitchen. I was amazed by the transformative power of natural ingredients and began creating my own natural skincare products. After attaining Reiki Master certification, I began infusing my products with Reiki energy. Thus, Kaia Skin was born with the intention of enhancing skincare with this wonderful energy.”

-Kalpana Semple, Founder and CEO


MarieNatie Cosmetics

All Natural Eyeliner Pencil - 2023 Clean Beauty Awards Winner for Eyeliner

“Our founder, Mary has been an avid, makeup lover for as long as she can remember. Drawn to high quality products with fun packaging, she quickly discovered the cosmetics she was shopping at popular retailers included harmful ingredients that had been found to cause long-term health risks. Quickly identifying a gap in the market, Mary started dreaming of a sustainable, green beauty brand that would not only be incredibly effective but, cute while keeping consumers health top of mind. Mary turned her focus to becoming an expert in cosmetics packaging, international trade and traveled extensively across several continents to research ingredients and formulas. In 2009, she successfully launched our Certified Clean brand, MarieNatie Cosmetics.”

"Love your makeup, Love MarieNatie"

-MarieNatie Cosmetics



Tides eau de parfum - 2023 Clean Beauty Awards Top 2 for Perfume

“ONE SEED was founded by functional nutritionist Liz Cook in 2009 as the first natural perfume company in Australia. We've been making award-winning game-changing natural perfumes for 14 years. Made from 100% natural ingredients with at least 80% organic content, it's a perfume that smells amazing and does good too.”

-Liz Cook, Founder and Perfumer


Penny Lane Organics

Plantain Anti-Wrinkle Serum - 2023 Clean Beauty Awards Top 3 for Face Cream

“Penny Lane Organics is very proud to be female-founded and female owned. Alexa Higginson is the face behind Penny Lane Organics, she is a tree-hugger and is skin care obsessed. She handcrafts natural products based on her personal philosophy, “if we won't put something IN our body, then we won’t put it ON our boy either”. Alexa started this journey at the young age of 21 it took her lots of passion, and perseverance to make people around her believe in her young women owned business, but she did it and believes you can too.”

“If we won't put something IN our body, then we won’t put it ON our boy either”

-Alexa Higginson, Owner


Petite Pluie

Vegan Face Serum Stick - 2023 Clean Beauty Top 7 for Face Cream

“Lucy, a Korean woman immigrant living in Vancouver, Canada, was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 40 and underwent surgery. During her radiation and hormone therapy, she noticed her skin was aging faster and experiencing more challenges. To avoid using harsh chemicals on her already sensitive skin, Lucy and her husband embarked on a mission to develop natural and non-toxic skincare products. Through collaboration with experts from a Seoul-based Korean cosmetic laboratory, they created Petite Pluie, an innovative line of skincare products that combine premium, all-natural ingredients with cutting-edge K-beauty technology. Petite Pluie provides simple yet powerful solutions for a wide range of skin concerns, designed to be safe and gentle on the skin.”

-Lucy Bae, CEO and Founder


Pickle's Potions

Blue Tansy Moisturizer - 2023 Clean Beauty Awards Top 9 for Face Cream

“Pickle's Potions was founded out of necessity, as when the founder Kristin Mutchler was pregnant with her first child and started experiencing skin sensitivity and allergies to many of the skincare products she was using, she decided to create her own. After years of study, research, and many many batches of skincare products, she launched the business in 2015 to provide natural, clean skincare to her community. It has since grown organically to include 7 employees for a bustling online business and a lovely store on Main St in Winthrop, Maine, plus the manufacturing lab.”

-Kristin Mutchler, Founder and Formulator


Rosemira Organics

Gorgeous Gems - Brightening Fruit Enzyme Peel - 2023 Clean Beauty Awards Top 5 for Face Scrub

"Rosemira Organics has been in business for 12 years, but I started formulating my first Moisturizing Cream 45 years ago, and I've used it myself for many years before making it available to others. It's been a challenging ride at times—trying to keep up with industrial skincare and their seemingly infinite advertising budgets. We're small yet mighty. We have an amazing facility where we produce the best of what skincare has to offer. No bells and whistles, no additives or chemicals—simply the best skincare products available today. Rosemira creates environmentally and ethically conscious holistic formulations. Our products are 98% organic, and 90% vegan based. They are never tested on animals and do not contain alcohol, additives, or preservatives. Rosemira's potent formulations are artfully combined to provide results that are driven by the unique nature of our original formulations and the quality of the ingredients we use.”

-Dr. Mira Herman, Founder and Formulator


Rosemira Organics

THE Moisturizer - Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Cream - 2023 Clean Beauty Awards Top 5 for Face Cream

“Rosemira Organics is a small woman-owned business that produces the best of what skincare has to offer, making honest products with integrity. No smoke and mirrors, no additives or chemicals – only formulations with natural, clean, and effective ingredients. Before I officially started Rosemira Organics I was experimenting with recipes for organic skincare in my kitchen in the 1980's... because it was impossible to find organic skincare. Organic items were not widely available like they are in modern times. Using my knowledge of chemistry and herbal remedies I successfully created a fabulous face moisturizer that healed my dry, sensitive skin, and smelled amazing. My skin felt and looked nourished and radiant. I shared the product with friends and due to word-of-mouth my moisturizer was in demand! I created more recipes and finally started my business (officially), always maintaining my goal: to create trust-worthy natural and organic skincare that works. In the competitive world of industrial skincare we are small (yet mighty), but are continuously driven by this passion!”

-Dr. Mira Herman, Founder and Formulator


Sootsoap Supply Co. Ltd.

SOOTSOAP Premium Hand Sanitizer Gel with Peppermint - 2023 Clean Beauty Awards Winner for Hand Sanitizer

“SOOTSOAP Premium Hand Sanitizer Gel was developed for first responders and healthcare workers who were complaining of dry, cracked skin due to overuse of harsh hand sanitizers, lingering sticky residue, and the awful alcohol smell that seemed to accompany all hand sanitizers. Our "game changing" Hand Sanitizer is all natural, pharmaceutical grade, and Health Canada & FDA registered with 70%+ ethyl alcohol. With just 5 ingredients, we provide an enjoyable hand sanitizing experience (we said it - enjoyable!), leaving your hands not only sanitized, but moisturized and smelling of natural peppermint, not last night's tequila.”

"Our customers had all but accepted that hand sanitizer was an awful feeling, awful smelling experience that left their hands raw, and that just wasn't acceptable to us. We're so proud to have developed an amazing product that not only helps heal hands, but changes the hand sanitizing experience into one that can be enjoyed. It really is a game changer".

-K. Dee Howard, President and Co-Founder


The Eco Alchemist

Citrus + Tonka Bean Deodorant - 2023 Clean Beauty Awards Winner for Odour Care

“The Eco Alchemist was created out of a need to supply certified palm oil free personal care products to the Canadian marketplace. Our goal is to reduce the impact that the personal care industry has on the environment by choosing sustainable ingredients and packaging whenever possible.”

"We shouldn't have to sacrifice the health of the planet for our own wellbeing. Realistically they are one and the same. Let's make the shift to more sustainable packaging for ourselves and for our environment. We can all do better together".

-Terri Kirkham, Founder and CEO



13 Blend Pre-Wash Hair Oil Treatment - 2023 Clean Beauty Awards Participant

“As a mother of two children having experienced post partum hair loss, I founded VAMA to offer clean, effective hair care rituals for the entire family to promote hair care rituals and self-care. Having grown up with hair oiling from India, my intention is to bring modern Ayurveda to the West and to bridge the gap between ancient wisdom and a modern lifestyle. I believe that good hair days can evoke confidence and happiness, why not bring the best version of ourselves to the world every day?”



Vine Beauty

Eyelights long lasting eyeshadow - 2023 Clean Beauty Awards Winner for Eye Colour

“We combined powerful ingredients and minerals that create a whole new level of endurance and lightweight feel. It will not only last all day through climate barriers, your skin will start to adjust to the fruitful ingredients filled with antioxidants that help nourish the skin! All of our ingredients synergistically thrive together to deliver the best protection and long wear - A powerful duo that we all need.”

-Mandy Jordan, Founder


With a remarkable lineup of women-owned brands, each with a unique story and purpose, you now have a treasure trove of clean beauty options to have on your radar.

Beyond skincare, these brands represent a movement of empowerment and positive impact. They are pioneers of change, dedicated to making a difference in the world. By supporting these remarkable brands, you're not just investing in high-quality products but also joining a community of individuals who believe in the power of clean beauty to transform lives.

Continue to embrace the magic and transformation that come with choosing clean, conscious, and women-owned brands. Together, let us redefine beauty and create a world where everyone has access to safe and effective products.

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