Get ready for a lip-smacking adventure with Vine Beauty's Stimulip

Get ready for a lip-smacking adventure with Vine Beauty's Stimulip

Curious to know what happens when you mix science, beauty, and a touch of nature?
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Curious to know what happens when you mix science, beauty, and a touch of nature? Get ready to pucker up and dive into the lovely world of Vine Beauty, where lips become the canvas for pure charm. Why? Because Vine Beauty's Stimulip lip treatment has captured the hearts (and smooches) of clean beauty enthusiasts everywhere, bagging the top spot in the Lip Care category at the prestigious 8th Clean Beauty Awards.

This winning product was created for those who've had enough of the stinging, the irritation, and the dreaded lip-related drama. No more "ouches" or "yikes" or "oops, I didn't mean to lick it off." Just pure, unadulterated lip pampering.

This magical blend not only kisses your lips with a burst of moisture but also stimulates collagen, resulting in lips that look plump and luscious over time.

So, pucker up, and get ready for a lip-smacking adventure like no other! Because life is too short for boring lip products.

Vine Beauty Founder Mandy Jordan couldn't hide her excitement after their product snagged the top spot.

I'm so excited! Clean beauty has been very important to me for a long time, and I am so glad that I can be a part of the Clean Beauty community. I am so thankful that Vine Beauty was recognized!


Hear firsthand what makes this product work wonders.

“It does wonders because you will experience instant results if you are having any issues with dry chapped lips. It's easy to use and it performs as the name of the product says it does. The benefits of our treatment are increased moisture, fuller lips, minimizing of fine lines.”

-Mandy Jordan, Founder


Vine Beauty - Stimulip lip treatment

Winner in Eye Lip Care

More than the award, they pride themselves on humbling words from real users.

“5 star review from Blakely, "I love the Stimulip lip treatment from Vine. It has naturally plumped my lips without the harsh sting found in other lip plumper products. I especially love that it is made with clean ingredients!”]”



“Absolutely loved this product! It provided amazing soothing and plumping effects on my lips without the stinging that I experience from a lot of plumping lip treatments! I loved the minty scent as well. Loved that it was an easy doe-foot applicator, so it made it easy to apply. Perfect amount of moisture and hydration!”

-Sher Toro, an advocate for clean beauty, both in her blogging and in her makeup business


“I absolutely loved this lip care treatment! It has a very mild tingle feeling and made my lips feel soft and plump. Fairly long wearing for a lip gloss type formula.”

-Jodi Weir, passionate about sharing her love of cruelty-free beauty and skincare finds


“The peppermint is so nice and refreshing. It gives me a mental lift, along with the plumping of my lips!”

-Lauren Mulenos, first made the switch to clean beauty in 2017


The future holds endless possibilities, and Vine Beauty's long-term vision for its winning product is nothing short of fabulous. With dreams as big as the pouts they enhance, they envision a world where clean beauty reigns supreme.

They are gearing towards collaborating with major retailers that share their passion for clean beauty to constantly push the boundaries of sustainability and meet the ever-evolving needs of their target market.

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