Hair Revitalizer Lavender

HairTreatment by JustBirch

The formula of the revitalizer is inspired by traditional uses of birch tree water in Nordic and Eastern European countries. This luxury revitalizer is made with a high percentage of pure birch tree water. Rich in nutrients birch tree water is a natural serum and is deeply absorbed by your hair and scalp delivering vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids to naturally improve the look and feel of your hair. The unique properties of birch tree water make hair easily manageable, easy to detangle, enhance the natural body and help in defining natural curls. Hair becomes soft and smooth, strong, shiny and healthy looking. Combination of natural ingredients including salicylic acid with carefully balanced pH of the revitalizer will strengthen hair follicles and may help to prevent hair loss, dandruff and growth of bacteria and fungus. Naturally controls and balances the functions of sebaceous glands.



2021 Clean Beauty Awards
Judging Panel •

The lavender scent is very clean and natural. I love using it in my hair when it needs a little refresh mid-day or after not washing it for a few days.


2021 Clean Beauty Awards
Judging Panel

A nice lovely scent to spritz on damp hair!

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