Essential Oil Perfume #1 Transcendence

Perfume by Black Chicken Remedies

The feeling of transcendence bottled in a natural, essential oils perfume that is vegan, toxic free and made with love right here in Australia! *Blend of natural essential oils to make you feel good not just smell good *Sandalwood is renowned for transforming and relieving agitated emotions and Lavender calms and relaxes us physically and emotionally *Oils chosen for their uplifting qualities to help release negativity and bring joy *Vegan, 100% natural oils blend, no toxins to be absorbed by your skin Feel as good as you smell! Transcendence includes Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang and Geranium essential oils that combine to create a heady, sensual aroma with delicate spice and floral tones that catch you in waves and lift your mood and thoughts. This luxurious blend not only smells divine; it possesses soothing qualities for your body and nervous system, which can help invigorate if you are feeling symptoms of stress or irritability and promote excitement and libido instead. Unlike traditional synthetic fragrances that overload your body with toxic chemicals, our natural essential oil perfume contains ingredients that can positively affect your mood and emotions by communicating with your body and senses through your skin. RRP - $44.95 AUD



2021 Clean Beauty Awards
Judging Panel •

Very enjoyable to use! Reminded me of relaxing by the ocean.


2021 Clean Beauty Awards
Judging Panel

For me, it's like a scented amulet for the pocket in that roll-on vial. Creamy, woody, warm.

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