All the Rage: 2022’s First Place Winner of the Clean Beauty Awards Face Cream Category

All the Rage: 2022’s First Place Winner of the Clean Beauty Awards Face Cream Category

Proving why Tigoderm Day and Night Skin System is a Winning Product Worthy of Your Skin Care Regimen
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Everyone consistently hears about the effects of probiotics on our gut, but it isn't often that we learn how topical probiotics can alter our skin. The first-place winner of the face cream category of the 2022 Clean Beauty Awards is changing that. Tigoderm’s Day and Night Skin Care system proves that the power of probiotics isn’t limited to our tummies. Made with super-ingredients, live bacteria, green tea and vitamin C, this incredible product restores the skin's microbiome and soothes irritation.

After two years of devoted research, founder Tanja Hohenester and her team are thrilled about their first-place win.

“My team and I worked so hard for this. It is an honour to have our hard work recognized. We have created an innovation for the skincare market, moving with the rhythm of nature using unique active compounds that have never been seen in a face cream before.” Shared Tanja.

The Tigoderm team is quite accustomed to receiving positive feedback. They consistently hear about how their clients’ sensitive skin has improved, the healthier look and feel of their skin and how rosacea has become a thing of the past.

“My irritated skin finally found a perfect skincare line. I no longer have a problem with acne or irritated skin. The night cream gives my skin the perfect balance. Now my skin looks healthy because the bacteria works overnight to restore the microbiome of my skin.”

Tigoderm Customer.

Our judges had similar experiences when they tried Tigoderm. There was a consensus that this product stands out among typical skin care, offering a rapid improvement of skin issues. Three of the 2022 Clean Beauty Awards judges, Cadi Jordan, Amy Galper and Adaira Prout, were particularly struck by the results of using Tigoderm Day and Night skin care.

Cadi Jordan, an experienced social strategist and beauty sector expert, had this to say:

“These products outperformed many I've tried in the last year or longer. The day cream was light and fantastic under regular makeup and the night cream was like a mini facial in a bottle. The tone and texture of my skin were noticeably improved.”


Author of two bestselling books about plant-powered beauty and aromatherapy, Amy Galper was a huge fan of Tigoderm’s creams.

“I experienced amazing results. I loved the gorgeous packaging. This product improved my skin's tone and appearance without having a strong scented, lingering aroma.

Health and wellness coach Adaira Prout was impressed from the unboxing of the cream’s outstanding results.

“The unboxing experience was excellent. The branding is modern, and I love that glass was used for the packaging. I also appreciated the dispenser's effortless and clean experience. The texture of the night creme was light and airy and blended into the skin nicely. A little goes a long way. The day creme had a more liquid texture and ginger aroma.”

Tigoderm’s efforts toward creating a natural, effective and truly soothing face cream have gone a long way. From influencers and authors to their very own loyal customers, the glowing reviews don’t lie. As the 2022 winner of The Clean Beauty Awards Face Cream category, Tigoderm is proving that its product is unlike anything on the market.

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