A Natural Solution to Rosacea You Need to Know About

A Natural Solution to Rosacea You Need to Know About

Learn about Pevonia’s RS2 Care Cream, your natural solution to a range of persistent skin issues
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In a world where dermatological conditions are often met with steroids and stripping toxin-laden creams, it is a relief to discover effective skincare that works. In the United States alone, as many as 14 million people are suffering from rosacea who would likely be thrilled to learn about Pevonia’s natural and results-driven approach to some of the most uncomfortable skin conditions.

The RS2 Line by Pevonia was specifically developed as an alternative to standard rosacea, acne and hypersensitivity products. We chatted with Pevonia founders to learn how their RS2 Care Cream was developed and its effectiveness.

The RS2 Line by Pevonia is a special one. What led you to this formulation?

The birth of the RS2 Line, and the RS2 Care Cream, in particular, was the result of personal experience and knowledge by the founder of Pevonia, Sylvie Hennessy. No other tested products available in the field could produce expedited relief from rosacea, acne and hypersensitivity with natural ingredients and no side effects. Even available clinical therapies offered inconsistent results. Research-backed, proven-effective synergistic ingredients delivered in precise amounts through a uniquely advanced emulsion base provided the key to a successful formulation. Furthermore, all pre-release Pevonia products are laboratory and clinically tested for performance, safety, results, and satisfaction by a renowned and recognized independent entity: The Department of Drug Sciences at the University of Pavia, Italy.

How does Pevonia’s RS2 Care Cream work?

Pevonia’s RS2 Care Cream is specifically formulated to address rosacea-prone, acne-rosacea, and hypersensitive skin with powerfully synergistic green tea and licorice extracts. green tea is a well-known antioxidant, rich in catechins, vitamins A, B, and C, calcium, potassium, manganese, copper, and zinc. Licorice extract is rich in sugar (glucose and sucrose), flavonoids, polysaccharides, and phytoestrogens (sitosterol). These actives combine to decongest the skin and promote the prompt reduction of discomfort, irritation, and redness. They also encourage skin repair, support the strength and function of capillaries, and possess antiseptic properties. As a result, the skin emerges cool, calm, and visibly soothed.

Which ingredients are the most effective and unique?

From micronization and micro emulsification to time-release delivery encapsulation, our high-tech, nontoxic, natural methods deliver guaranteed results in every Pevonia product. From beginning to end, and unlike other brands, the RS2 Care Cream is formulated to be multipurpose; it supports the improvement of rosacea-prone, acne-rosacea, and hypersensitive conditions, but it also addresses the overall well-being of the skin and combats the aging process in one step. The main actives, green tea and licorice, are botanically sourced as safe and effective natural alternatives to synthetic or drug-related ingredients in similar products. RS2 cream stands out as a tri-phase, microemulsion wonder that absorbs thoroughly and deeply, bringing immediate relief to symptoms of discomfort while protecting and preventing further skin damage.

Who is RS2 Care Cream perfect for?

The RS2 Care Cream can be used on all skin types - rosacea-prone, acne-rosacea, and hypersensitive skin benefit the most. Given the protective, rich texture of the moisturizer, it is advised for oily skin types to apply a smaller amount than average and lightly blot off any excess. The RS2 Care Cream addresses symptoms of congested, visibly reddish, constantly warm, itchy, and irritated skin. While green tea and licorice offer exceptionally calm, soothing, and detoxifying relief, all those benefits are enhanced by supplementary ingredients like rose, chamomile, allantoin, and safflower extracts that act synergistically to improve wellness, moisturize, rejuvenate, and produce long-lasting results for overall satisfaction.

The RS2 is a suitable indication for sunburns, thermal burns, bruises, skin trauma, dry skin, mature skin, as a cold cream, and even eczema and similar conditions under the guidance of a physician.

How should RS2 Care Cream be used?

Consumers can use the RS2 Care Cream daily in the morning and evening after applying the RS2 Gentle Cleanser and RS2 Gentle Lotion. They can also achieve the full measure of RS2 results by massaging in 1-2 pumps of the RS2 Concentrate before applying RS2 Care Cream. Layering products ensures proper skin utilization while maximizing results that seal in benefits. The RS2 Care Cream should be used in a pea-sized amount and spread gently and evenly with fingertips over the entire face and neck until completely absorbed. It is essential to highlight that the skin’s appearance will improve exponentially according to use. Since rosacea and related skin conditions are chronic in nature, it is recommended to apply the RS2 Care Cream twice daily as part of a skincare regimen that is consistent and long-lasting (minimum six months for best results.) The RS2 Care Cream can be used as a standalone product for maintenance and control symptoms and supportive home treatment for individuals on clinical prescriptions.

Pevonia continues to strive for advancement in skincare. It was one of the very first brands with a mission to create natural, toxin-free and environmentally conscious products. Their RS2 Care Cream is incredibly impactful as it eliminates the need for harsh dermatological alternatives. Their RS2 Care Cream isn’t the only product to try. Check out the entire RS2 Care Line for total skincare solutions.

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