Honouring Diversity with Award Winner dome BEAUTY

Honouring Diversity with Award Winner dome BEAUTY

This powerhouse is not only bringing effective clean makeup to market but is making people feel good about the way they look along the way.
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Co-founders of dome BEAUTY Mar Cavalone and Geneva Fong saw a hole in the clean beauty market and set out to fill it. “I come from a family of diverse ethnicities and noticed there were no clean beauty brands that focused on multiple ethnicities, including those of mixed-race backgrounds,” says Cavalone.

Started in 2016, Cavalone and Fong set out to create the best clean beauty brand in the colour cosmetic space, using Fong’s experience and expertise as a world-renowned makeup artist and Cavalone’s passion for ensuring products are clean and eco-friendly. “Together we are a powerhouse team,” she says.

This powerhouse is not only bringing effective clean makeup to market but is making people feel good about the way they look along the way. “One of my proudest moments was at a makeup event when a woman approached me and thanked me for using a black model in our banner and marketing materials. She pointed out that no other brand did, and she was right,” says Cavallone, who also had a Hispanic woman tell her “these are shades I can wear”. “These moments are dear to me because that is exactly why I created dome BEAUTY. So there can be something for everyone.”

We spoke with Cavallone about what it means to have dome BEAUTY’s Magnetic Mascara place first in its category at the Clean Beauty Awards.

Why do you think your Magnetic Mascara was chosen as the winner?

Our mascara does it all. The formula is not only clean, but we love how easy it is to apply. It conditions and repairs your lashes while adding unbeatable curl, volume and length. You can wear it all day, go work out at the gym and it doesn’t budge. This mascara lasts! No flaking or running, but it still is easy to remove. All it takes is soap and water, so there is no need to rub to remove it and risk damaging the skin around your eyes. Our mascara takes the results everyone wants and fulfills them while taking things to the next level. It is the true definition of clean, safe ingredients without compromising quality.

Why did you create this product? What need were you fulfilling?

I am mascara obsessed so I wanted to create a universal mascara that was clean and could be used every day, whether you have short or long lashes or whether staying at home or a night on the town. When creating a great mascara there are three must-haves to create something amazing:

  1. A clean formula
  2. The perfect brush
  3. The best wiper

Our mascara has an amazing formula using naturally repairing ingredients, a unique brush design that grabs both short and long lashes and the wiper which makes sure just the right amount of product goes on the brush when you apply. Goodbye clumping, and hello healthy, strong lashes for days!

Would you say Magnetic Mascara is your best-selling product?

Absolutely! All of our products do well but our mascara has a bit of a cult following. We get great feedback from influencers about how much they love our mascara.

What are the ingredients of this product and what do they do?

The key ingredients in our formula are: olive oil that softens and conditions your lashes, grapeseed oil which provides vitamin E (a powerful anti-oxidant to repair your lashes) and beetroot extract which gives your lashes that much needed vitamin B9 and C.

What does winning this award mean to you?

We are so honoured to win this award! Winning a CertClean Clean Beauty Award is like winning an Oscar.  The clean beauty space is very competitive and being recognized by such a prestigious organization means the world to us. Clean beauty is a core part of our brand, so being recognized for this fulfills our mission and what we set out to do—create the highest quality clean beauty products for everyone.

Why is being a clean beauty brand important?

I have always lived a clean life and believe in doing our part to provide products that are clean and safe. I also think clean beauty is deeper than just ingredients, which is why we have a 360° approach to clean beauty. We want to provide you with clean options throughout your entire makeup journey from the products you wear to the brushes you use. For dome, clean also means you receive our products in an eco-friendly way, so we ship all purchases carbon neutral in recycled and reusable mailers. We finish off the importance of being clean with sustainable product packaging with FSC boxes with plant-based ink and provide you with options to recycle with TerraCycle. dome BEAUTY will always represent all things clean in beauty, from the packaging to the ingredients.

What’s next for your brand?

We are always working on new products, and you can expect to see more products in the complexion category. Before the end of 2021, we have a few new product launches to announce. Our lip-glosses are finally launching this month and we couldn’t be more excited. They are moisturizing and not sticky, which is something everyone needs after wearing masks, and they come in eco-friendly packaging. We named our glosses after a few female trailblazers from across the globe: Katherine Johnson, Indira Gandhi, Frida Kahlo, Angela Fong (cancer research scientist and Geneva’s sister), and Greta Thunberg. This fall, keep your eyes peeled for our new eyeliner launching. You might also see dome BEAUTY abroad! Look out UAE and India.

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