Breaking Down Jodi Weir’s 2022 Top Clean Beauty Face Creams

Breaking Down Jodi Weir’s 2022 Top Clean Beauty Face Creams

The Clean Beauty Award judge is giving the details about the face creams she loved in 2022
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Jodi Weir is a veteran Clean Beauty Awards judge. She found this year’s face cream category very difficult to review, commenting that the products were exceptionally hard to choose from because they were so great. Now in its 7th year, the Clean Beauty Awards had 146 judges and 455 product entries. Despite the tough competition, Jodi has offered us a breakdown of her top three best clean beauty face creams.

The overall ranking system of the Clean Beauty Awards is a systematic scoring method based on a product’s efficacy and performance based on skin type and skin needs which means that personal preference and brand values are not always reflected in the final results. Therefore, we are taking this opportunity to ask Jodi to choose her top three favourite products not just based on product performance but also based on her personal connection to the brand ethos, values and packaging.

Jodi is a technical writer and blogger from Montreal. She is passionate about sharing her love of cruelty-free beauty, and skincare finds. With her sensitive, rosacea-prone skin and frizzy, wavy hair, Jodi is forever searching for her holy grail products. She shares her insights on Instagram and her blog, where she celebrates products that deliver results without harmful ingredients. Her top three favourite face creams of 2022 weren’t just winners in her eyes but definite must-have products for any clean beauty lover who needs some hydration.

Favourite Face Cream #1: Iremia Skincare - Soothing Lotion

Iremia Skincare's Soothing Lotion is specially formulated to calm and clarify even the most sensitive skin. Light and luxurious, this CertClean certified lotion features all-natural ingredients that soothe tender skin to keep it cool and comfortable. Featuring the unique African mahogany tree bark extract, the Soothing Lotion is proven to show results after just 28 days. This Soothing Lotion (paired with our Restorative Facial Oil) is the exact solution that transformed their founder's sensitive eczema and rosacea-prone skin.

Jodi’s number one face cream stood out for its calming effects:

“Iremia Skincare’s Soothing Lotion helped reduce redness and calmed my rosacea. This cream addressed all my needs. It was gentle, effective, lightweight, non-greasy, and fast-absorbing. It worked amazingly well for my skin! I loved the simple, clean labelling and glass jars which are so easy to repurpose or recycle! Provided light and soothing hydration, it was my top choice.”

Favourite Face Cream #2: Nuca Organic Anti-Aging Face Cream

Nuca Organic's anti-aging face cream is a complex and unique formula containing five natural peptides clinically proven to reduce signs of aging visibly. It is enriched with organic sea buckthorn, jojoba oil, and bisabolol extracted from chamomile and niacinamide. The peptides have a real hydro-lifting and skin-lightening effect. Jodi chose Nuca Organic’s Anti-Aging Face cream as the runner-up for the brightening and smoothing effect:

“I love that this provided light and soothing hydration. It helped to brighten the skin and minimize fine lines. The silky-smooth texture was not too light or too heavy. It gave my skin a hydration boost and luminosity.”

Favourite Face Cream #3: PB Skin - Restore Moisturizer

PB SKN's Restore Moisturiser is a lightweight yet nourishing cream packed full of free-radical-fighting antioxidants and restorative ingredients. It is formulated with rice protein peptides, hyaluronic acid, Lilly pilly and emu apple, which help strengthen the skin's structure and protective barrier so that it can withstand the effects of harmful pollutants, irritants and exercise-related free-radical damage. At the same time, these potent actives deeply hydrate and plump dehydrated skin, smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and soothe exhausted, post-workout skin.

Jodi’s third choice stood out for being a great overall moisturizer:

“This product didn't solve any particular issues but hydrated nicely without feeling heavy or greasy. I loved how light it felt and how quickly it absorbed into my skin. This one worked great even with SPF and makeup. I think it is great for the warmer months but still hydrating enough for when my skin is drier. At first, I thought it was a little too strongly scented for my minimal to no scent preference, but then I started to like the lily-Esque scent! It provided lightweight hydration, was non-greasy and was quick to absorb. Great for day and night use!”

Jodi is never shy to offer real and honest reviews of beauty products. Her experience as a judge has allowed her to become an expert on clean beauty brands and how to point out the short and long-term outcomes of individual products. You can see her reviews in full on her blog and Instagram.

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