Jodi Weir is Offering a Tell All on The Best Clean Beauty Body Washes

Jodi Weir is Offering a Tell All on The Best Clean Beauty Body Washes

Returning Clean Beauty Awards judge Jodi Weir has lots to say about body washes for sensitive skin
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Montreal native and cruelty-free advocate, Jodi Weir is a technical writer and blogger who shares everything clean and ethical beauty. Her Clean Beauty Awards judging experience is always a positive one, even when she is challenged with rating a range of products you adore. She loves that of the 455 products that are entered into the awards many of them are new innovative brands that the judges would not normally be exposed to.

When the Clean Beauty Awards judges are asked to choose their top three favourite products, they make their selections because of a personal connection to the brand ethos, values packaging as well as what works best for their skin type or unique skin needs. The overall ranking system of the Clean Beauty Awards is a systematic scoring method based on a product’s efficacy and performance based on skin type and skin needs which means that personal preference and brand values are not always reflected in the final results.

Jodi was asked to share her beauty brand experience by judging the body wash category as one of 146 judges for the 2022 Clean Beauty Awards. Her insightful reviews can be read in full on her blog and on Instagram. With sensitive skin that is prone to rosacea, Jodi was able yo provide some insightful details to help choose the most nourishing and least irritating body wash options.

Favourite Body Wash #1: Boyzz Only - Energizer Combo Wash

BOYZZ ONLY Energizer Combo Wash is a dual-action formula. It is a rich, moisturizing natural lather you can use on your body and hair. Give yourself a boost of antioxidants and let the invigorating scent give you a hit of energy.

Jodi’s BOYZZ only experience convinced her that this dual-purpose product is not only for boys:

“I love that it can be used for both hair and body. The combination of the bright scent and hydrating lather is what made this one stand out above the rest. It didn’t dry out my skin and the scent combination of eucalyptus, juniper and mint are so uplifting and bright smelling!”

Favourite Body Wash #2: OBM Natural - Relax Chamomile Butter Bar

Relax Chamomile Butter Bar is an all-natural soap bar with soothing chamomile butter and calming lavender essential oil.

The scent of the Relax Chamomile Butter Bar stood out to Jodi:

“This wash was easy to use, lathered well, and hydrated without leaving a soapy feeling residue. It was the relaxing scent that made this one stand out for me. I loved the lavender scent - and that it was not over-scented.”

Favourite Body Wash #3: Carina Organics - Sweet Pea Moisturizing Body Wash

The Sweet Pea Body Wash is a CertClean certified toxin-free, daily moisturizing body wash formulated with certified organic plant, vegetable, flower, and tree extracts. A soft wash product that gently removes dirt and replenishes essential nutrients to the skin.

The mega hydration of Sweet Pea Body was by Carina Organics was a winner for Jodi:

“This product helped hydrate my normal to dry skin. It did not trigger any sensitivity, lathered and hydrated really well and I loved the light floral scent. My skin felt super hydrated after using it and the information about the ingredients and recycling packaging stood out.”

Jodi takes care in her review of beauty products and is especially mindful of using vegan, cruelty-free brands. She has a huge list of products she loves on her blog and can offer some amazing insight into the products that just don’t live up to their names. You can read it all on her blog.

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