Baby Jelly is Every Mom’s Dream Cream for Their Little Ones

Baby Jelly is Every Mom’s Dream Cream for Their Little Ones

Learn what the 2022 Clean Beauty Awards judges are saying about Botanica Baby's Baby Jelly
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Sensitive baby skin requires gentle care. Any parent knows how essential clean, safe ingredients are for their families. Even more so when you are using it on the littlest members of your household, on some of their most sensitive areas. The 2022 Clean Beauty Awards didn’t have a baby category, so Botanica Baby's Baby Jelly was entered into the body care categories. Among so many unique, clean beauty body care products, this Baby Jelly stood out.



Botanica Baby's Baby Jelly, by the brand that brought you Naked Deodorant, is a non-comedogenic, super gentle cream that restores softness and maintains hydration to prevent chafed skin. Made with organic castor seed oil and soothing naturals, the 2022 Clean Beauty Awards Judges were over the moon about how effective and soothing this magical baby balm is.


Vivian Kwan is a doctor of naturopathic medicine and a mama of two who would be thrilled to find a natural baby balm with incredible results.

“Botanica Baby Jelly is easy to use, clean and scent-free. This product goes on smoothly and protects the skin from chaffing. I would highly recommend it to friends, family and clients.”


Angie Lalonde is a skincare blogger who adores Baby Jelly for herself and her child.

“This is simple, fun, moisture in jelly form! It is scent-free but not love-free. Rich, slick and full of carrier oils, my child and I adored it. I wish I had had this lotion when she was a baby. It's the perfect mix of organic ingredients that instantly soothe and feed even the youngest, sensitive skin.”


Lauren Breiding is a clean living consultant who helps others switch to safer products for themselves and their home. She had a raving review of Baby Jelly.

“I love how clean and thick this is and provides an alternative to a petroleum-based balm. My son loves it too!”

The tiniest people need the most attention. What better way to care for them than to focus on clean, natural ingredients in all products they are exposed to? The Baby Jelly is a multi-use masterpiece that every mum should have on hand for their babies, kids and even themselves.

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