Transylvania Wild Mountain Honey is Changing the Face of Gentle Skin Care

Transylvania Wild Mountain Honey is Changing the Face of Gentle Skin Care

Learn how Romanian brand Nuca Organic is using their country’s finest ingredients to create effective skin care
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Transylvania may not be well known for its lush flora, forests and fresh mountain air but Nuca Organic is changing that. This Romanian-based natural skin care line is cultivating the best of the region including wild mountain honey from Transylvania.

Nuca Organic was started by Corina Ujeniuc. Corina is a skin care guru with a passion for natural products. She started Nuca Organic in an effort to provide powerful skin care using unique formulas of one of a kind ingredients, many of which come from Romania. Their Gentle Face Cleanser with Honey, Glycerin and Geranium is a testament to Corina’s amazing formulations. We talked with her about the Gentle Face Cleanser and what makes Nuca Organic a brand to look out for.

What makes the ingredients of Nuca Organic’s Gentle Face Cleanser so special?

Honey is the strongest ingredient in the Gentle Facial Cleanser. It is raw, organic and highly therapeutic. I love honey because it is one of the most incredible gifts nature has given us. It is rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. In order to enhance its hydration power, I opted to include vegetable glycerin in the formula. I then added the jojoba oil, as it has a chemical structure almost identical with that of human sebum. It forms a protective barrier on skin without blocking the pores or interfering with the exchange of nutrients in the cells. I chose an aromatherapeutic element that is as natural and beneficial as honey. The cleanser has the scents of lime and African geranium oils, both of which have antibacterial and calming effects.

What are the benefits of this formula?

This is an outstanding product. An ideal blend of organic honey, vegetable glycerin and jojoba oil come together to form a deeply cleansing, nourishing and hydrating cleanser for all skin types. It illuminates the skin and removes even long lasting makeup.

It is ideal for all skin types including dry, acne-prone, dehydrated, oily skin or skin with clogged pores. I always recommend that those with highly sensitive skin test any products before using them. This would not be suitable to anyone who is sensitive to essential geranium and lime oils.

What makes the honey you use so rare?

This honey, added in large quantity to this cleanser, comes from the wild mountain flora in the heart of Transylvania, a pollution-free area. Since I wanted to harness all its incredible properties, I left the honey exactly as nature intended; raw, unfiltered, unprocessed. This means that the honey is filled with valuable nutrients and retains its antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and hydration properties.

How can consumers use this product most effectively?

The formulation of the Gentle Facial Cleanser is one of a kind. Its high - 70% - content of homey and vegetable glycerin makes it fluid and pleasant to the touch. The gentle facial cleanser gel is easy to use and leaves your skin feeling incredibly clean and nourished. To use it, wet your hands then apply a pea size amount of the gel. You mix it until a fine foam is formed. Gently massage it onto the face and rinse off thoroughly. The gentle facial cleanser does not contain any soap.

Can the product be used in any unexpected ways?

The Gentle Facial Cleanser can also be used as a face mask, once a week. Simply take an appropriate quantity of product (one or two pumps) and apply it on the entire face. Allow it to sit on the face for five minutes and then rinse.

Nuca Organic is committed to creating skin care that is as close to nature as possible. They use rare, local ingredients that help them to achieve the ultimate results. Pure extracts and barely-altered ingredients like their Transylvania honey are what help to make their Gentle Facial Cleanser so effective. Their Gentle Facial Cleanser isn’t their only incredible product, try their Rejuvenating Eye and Face Serum for more results.

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