Why Normal Skin Needs Targeted Skincare Products + 32 Clean Beauty Picks Evaluated by Experts!

Why Normal Skin Needs Targeted Skincare Products + 32 Clean Beauty Picks Evaluated by Experts!

Are you guilty of assuming that normal skin means one-size-fits-all skincare products? Well, it's time to break that myth!
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Are you guilty of assuming that normal skin means one-size-fits-all skincare products? Well, it's time to break that myth!

In this blog post, you'll discover why normal skin still needs specific skincare products to maintain balance and prevent potential issues.

Explore 35 Clean Beauty products specifically created for normal skin types, participating in the 8th Clean Beauty Awards, where they will be evaluated based on their effectiveness.

So, keep reading if you want to up your skincare game and give your normal skin the love and care it deserves! We promise you'll come away with a better understanding of why skin-type-specific products are so important, and who knows, you might even find your new holy grail product!



This creamy, all-natural balm moisturizes and fortifies both pucker and pout. Organic cocoa butter softens lips while antioxidant-rich omega-heavy fruit oils of buriti and sea buckthorn fight free radicals. Rich cacao extract leaves kisses luminous and luscious—with a hint of chocolate.

bareLUXE Skincare - bare Essential Elevated Face Oil

bareLUXE Elevated Face Oil is designed for sensitive and irritable skin. It features gentle, calming oils and botanicals that support the skin barrier. This non-greasy, lightweight oil absorbs quickly, is fragrance-free, and hypoallergenic. With a nourishing base of camellia and jojoba oils, plant-derived squalane, and extracts like aloe, calendula, and chamomile, it soothes and calms skin, replenishes moisture, and leaves a soft, radiant finish.

bareLUXE Skincare - Crystal Infused LUXE Polishing Balm

This gentle, dual-action exfoliating balm revives dull, dry skin with fruit enzymes, extracts, and a bamboo, amethyst, and rose quartz micro powder. It gently exfoliates, protecting natural oils and leaving skin soft, moisturized, and radiant. The balm reduces dark spots, brightens skin, and promotes well-being.

bareLUXE Skincare - Radiant Glow Elevated Brightening Oil

Revitalize your skin with this potent, vegan Vitamin C oil serum. It uses advanced tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate and high-performance botanicals to instantly boost radiance for a refreshed, glowing complexion. Over time, it improves clarity, evens skin tone, and moisturizes. The CoreComplex™ Radiant Glow Oil Blend, combined with active botanicals and stable Vitamin C, targets brightness, tone, and discoloration for a transformed appearance.

Beautitionary - Cleansing Lotion & Make up Remover (2in1)

Looking for a gentle yet effective way to cleanse your face and remove makeup?

Introducing our 2-in-1 natural cleansing lotion and makeup remover, designed to cater to all skin types without leaving your skin greasy or dry.

Say goodbye to the hassle of finding the right face cleanser and welcome the most crucial step in your skin-care regimen.

Whether you have a 5-step routine or a simple wash-and-moisture duo, starting with clean skin is vital to reap the benefits of your skin-loving products.

Our Natural cleansing lotions and makeup remover help to remove makeup, impurities, dirt, and excess oil, promoting a fresh and clean canvas for your skincare products.

Birch Babe - Gentle Face Scrub

Birch Babe's Gentle Face Scrub naturally and gently exfoliates, moisturizes, and repairs leaving your skin glowing! Packed with sustainably sourced crushed apricot shells to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells and infused with moisturizing emollient ingredients like Rosehip Oil and Shea Butter to leave your skin feeling soft and nourished. Kaolin Clay helps remove toxins while Coconut Milk nourishes and calms skin. Infused with a dash of tangerine oils for an extra boost of happiness this Gentle Face Scrub will leave your skin glowing! Certified All Natural | Vegan | Cruelty-Free

BOYZZ ONLY - Daily Shampoo

Moisturizing and conditioning daily shampoo! Chocked full of essential oils that not only smell great but will keep your scalp healthy, this completely natural formula cleans, moisturizes, and rebalances hair. HYDRESIA® delivers continuous moisture to nourish hair and scalp AÇAI OIL adds shine and thickness Naturally fragranced with sweet ORANGE essential oil CEDARWOOD, MINT, and VANILLA fruit extract Available in large ECO-CONSCIOUS bottle and REFILL POUCHES.

BYROE - Pear Serum Oil

Indulge in the juicy, mouthwatering flesh of a freshly-picked pear and its dewy, thirst-quenching afterglow. This brightening serum oil, infused with pear, combines the power of facial oil and the weightlessness of a serum all in one. The exhilarating blend of moringa seed oil, dew-boosting glow matrix, red algae, and leaf shield provide barrier fortification and delivers a facial oil experience like no other.

Dianne Caine Australia - Bakuchiol Skin Booster

Dramatically improve the texture of your skin with Bakuchiol Skin Booster, a 100% Natural and Organic, plant-based alternative to Retinol, without the skin-irritating side effects. Formulated with Olive Squalane and Jojoba Oil, this super elixir will help minimise fine lines and wrinkles, improve cellular turnover, skin firmness, and elasticity, as well as stimulating collagen production. Enjoy a smooth and even skin tone with this lightweight and easily absorbed natural beauty essential.

dome BEAUTY - Eye Jewels

Eye Jewels 24HR CREAM SHADOWS Say hello to these perfectly pigmented, cream eye shadows. They provide a quick dry, non-sticky application that feels comfortable and lightweight on your lids. Featuring a light, airy cream formula like nothing you’ve tried before. The Eye Jewels provides a luminescent finish that lasts from daybreak to dusk to dawn. These versatile shades have been curated specifically to flatter all skin tones without compromising the payoff. • 24 Hours of Color Perfection • High performance Vibrant Shades • Flawless, crease-free application • Quick-drying, yet buildable formula • Lasts for 24-hour thanks to its long-wear formulation. • No Primer needed

Essentials Everything - Vitamin C - Serum

Vitamin C is one of the best nutrients for your skin. It helps naturally smooth roughness, fade away fine lines, and lighten dark spots. It repairs signs of sun damage and powers up your skin’s own healing response. It also boosts the production of collagen and elastin, proteins that help skin stay firm and youthful.

Formulae Prescott - Tri-Balm

Formulated to suit all skin types our 3-in-1 award-winning, signature cleansing balm works hard to effortlessly reduce your skincare routine in just one simple step. Cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturise at once to leave skin softer, clearer, nourished, and hydrated. This compact, yet mighty miracle product, boasts a blend of botanical oils, starflower, and oats to effectively cleanse removing impurities and makeup including stubborn mascara.

Givash - Natural Deodorant - Original

Givash natural deodorant cream formula packs all-day odour control to give you the confidence to keep performing at the highest level. This is no ordinary deo... we've loaded it with super nourishing ingredients like jojoba oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, and coconut oil to care for your skin and also create a luxurious feel. It's packed with more than 10 different natural antibacterial agents to manage Mr Stinky. Did we mention that our deodorant is completely derived from naturally occurring ingredients and that we put it in a glass jar for you as we're not so into plastic stuff? No Aluminium, No Parabéns, No Synthetic Fragrances, No Nasties. A single jar is usually enough to last you 3 to 6 months.

Hemp Co Australia - Peppermint & Hemp cleanser

Are you looking for a product that purifies, refreshes, and rejuvenates your skin? One that leaves your skin looking noticeably cleaner, clearer, and beautifully toned? Our all-natural Hemp Seed Oil infused Peppermint & Hemp Cleanser has been uniquely designed using a range of natural and vegan ingredients which are soothing and gentle on the skin. Without any hidden nasties, each ingredient in our Peppermint & Hemp Cleanser has been selected to nourish, hydrate, and rejuvenate your skin, while removing any impurities. After using this cleanser regularly, you will see just how silky smooth your skin can be. In fact, cleansing is an essential step of an effective skincare routine. Without it, impurities lodge on and in the skin, and active skincare ingredients cannot be optimally absorbed or used by the skin. This gentle cleanser removes complexion makeup and other impurities and prepares your skin for your Daily Moisturiser, without disturbing the delicate pH balance or skin barrier function.

Hereward Farms - Lavish Face Serum

Lavish Lavender-infused Face Serum is one of our most popular products because of the luxurious blend of rich lavender botanicals and Hereward Farm's proprietary formula. Lavish Lavender-Infused Serum is a luxurious blend of natural, skin-healing ingredients that work together to rejuvenate and revitalize your skin. This unique formula features a potent combination of ultra-hydrating botanicals and antioxidants to help improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, uneven tone, and texture. Applying Lavish Lavender Infused Serum is an easy and luxurious way to promote healthier, more youthful-looking skin. For best results, use the serum after cleansing.

Holistic Hair - Scalp Treatment Oil

A soothing blend of nutrient-rich plant oils to calm, soothe and moisturize an itchy or irritated scalp. Calendula, Lavender, Chamomile, and Patchouli essential oils unite to relieve itching and redness. Sweet almond and jojoba oils moisturize to reduce dryness and flaking, helping to soften and remove hard skin plaques or build-up. Applied to the scalp and hair as a treatment, this oil will work simultaneously to heal and comfort the scalp and moisturize the hair to reduce hygral fatigue and damage that results from the swelling and drying of the hair.

imew - imew 02 Niacinamide Booster

imew Niacinamide Booster contains 10% Niacinamide that brightens skin tone and helps pores perfection.

imew - imew 04 Centella Asiatica Booster

imew Centella Asiatica Booster contains 2% Centella Complex that helps revitalise skin’s protective barrier, and hydrate, repair, and calm skin.

imew - imew Moist Whipped Cream

imew Moist Whipped Cream help to gain protection against dryness, to intensively moisturize without a sticky feeling, and embark on a NEW moist beauty journey.

Kaia Skin - Ayurvedic Intensive Hair Drops

Your hair is an integral part of your essence and your identity. When your hair looks and feels great, you do too. Our Ayurvedic Intensive Hair Drops draws from the science of Ayurveda to help nourish and enhance your hair. Infused with Hibiscus, Rosemary & Fenugreek, blended with Blackseed Oil and several other powerful ingredients in a unique formulation, this lightweight Hair Oil repairs, hydrates, and strengthens your hair. The collective antibacterial, antifungal, and antioxidant properties of the ingredients are known to help repair, protect & stimulate the hair strands & follicles. The vitamins & amino acids provide essential nourishment. Great for all hair types and is color safe.

Kumuya - Meracle Nutri-Essence AHA BHA

Experience immediate skin brightening and smoothness! Meracle is your skin miracle powered by the sea (la mer) extends your skin DNA longevity while enhancing skincare treatment absorption. Our gentle active-rich exfoliating essence includes potent vegan sea-derived actives of red algae extract, oarweed extract, seawater extract, and hyaluronic acid. With daily use, reveal more radiant smoother skin with less blemishes. For use prior to Kumuya (or any) serums, moisturisers, skin treatment to prep skin for more effective treatment absorption!

Kumuya - Saturate Nutri-Moisturiser

Drench your skin with advanced anti-ageing water cream. A rapidly absorbing water magnet that delivers prolonged intense hydration for 6 hours or more! Our clean moisturizer formulation consists of powerful yet safe vegan actives. A blend of Trifluoroacetyl Tripeptide-2 and Snow Mushroom polysaccharides help to increase collagen and elastin production to achieve smooth healthy skin. Resveratrol derived from plant sources is a powerful antioxidant that helps restore youthful skin cell activity and protect against DNA degeneration.

Lowen's Natural Skincare - You Sure Clean Up Nice! Face & Body Wash

You Sure Clean up Nice! Face and Body Wash is an amazing natural and #VEGAN cleanser. Simply luxurious, like no other you’ve tried. We created “You Sure Clean up Nice!” for all skin types. But extra care was taken to ensure it would be gentle on the most sensitive skin. But still work like a hot damn! (Because you know that’s how we roll with all Lowen’s products). Expect a gentle foaming cleanser that gathers more lather – should you add a bit of water into the mix – as you massage it into your face and body. Served to gently wash away, unwanted makeup, dirt, and oil. Also, it replenishes skin with unique moisturizers derived from non-GMO cold-pressed canola, safflower, and rosemary oils.

Mangata Apothecary - #323 Botanical Roller “Recoup”

A gender-neutral scent with highlights of cypress and juniper. Ingredient Highlights: 1) Thuja Occidentalis (Cedar): natural detoxifier, improves circulation of blood and lymph 2) Cupressus Sempervirens (Cypress): uplifting aroma, invigorates senses, improves the appearance of oily skin 3) Citrus Paradisi: (Grapefruit): increases motivation, improves skin blemishes

Navinka Skin - Cream V9

Cream v9 quickly restores the barrier function of damaged skin, and deeply nourishes and protects. The formula features saccharide isomerate -a carbohydrate complex which helps bind moisture to the skin, providing long-lasting hydration. Ceramide 3 replenishes the skin's lipid layer, which creates a plumping effect. Black currant seed and raspberry seed oils deeply nourish and deliver a potent dose of antioxidants, brightening the skin and protecting it from environmental damage. Resveratrol supports the skin's structure and elasticity, which helps improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Petite Pluie - Vegan Face Serum Stick

Experience instant hydration for dry skin anytime, anywhere with the Petite Pluie Vegan Face Serum Stick - an innovative and simple multi-balm skincare solution! This daily moisturizer is formulated with Matcha Green Tea Extract, hydrolyzed vegan collagen, and Aloe Vera, and is free from harmful ingredients, promoting smoother skin from within for a plumper, more youthful appearance. The compact design and lightweight, gentle formula make it perfect for use at home or on the go, and it's suitable for even sensitive skin without leaving any sticky or greasy residue.

Pevonia Natural Skincare - De-Aging Saltmousse - Papaya-Pineapple

Delightfully foaming, this sulfate-free Saltmousse Body Scrub gently detoxifies with aromatic Papaya and Pineapple Fruit Extracts, Sea Salt, Carrot, and more. It clears away impurities and exfoliates rough, uneven skin for a smoother, more youthful-looking tone and texture. As we age, the cell turnover rate slows in the body, just as it does on the face. With our commitment to deliver superior natural skin care products, we use pure, clean, and filtered Sea Salt in this Saltmousse for its ability to release rejuvenating negative ions, re-mineralize, soften, and refine. When gentle cleansing agents are combined with other natural skincare ingredients, your skin will quickly achieve a smooth, glowing appearance.

Pevonia Natural Skincare - Hyaluronic Acid HydraMist

Did you know that not following an effective skincare routine or using harsh products, lack of sleep, the weather, air conditioning, not drinking enough water, and other nutrition and lifestyle choices can cause skin dehydration? Give your skin a Hydra drink with Hyaluronic Acid HydraMist to counteract these stressors. Immediately rejuvenate, plump fine lines, and wrinkles, and relieve dry, scaly, flaky skin on itchy and sensitive areas. This moisture-infusing, 4-in-1, multi-benefits Face & Body Mist is suitable for all skin types, especially dehydrated, irritated, and aging skin.

PURA Botanicals - Hyaluronic Watermelon Essence

Hyaluronic Watermelon Essence After-Sun Repair Mist - Hyaluronic Acid, Watermelon & Wild Mushroom Extracts 2 fl. oz. / 59 mL Quench and reset the skin as a daily ritual, or after sun and heat exposure. This juicy, ultra-refreshing formula, replenishes the skin with soothing aloe, antioxidant-rich watermelon extract, moisturizing hyaluronic acid, and cooling cucumber extract, to help smooth fine lines and tighten pores. Japanese green tea leaf extract helps to prevent free radicals from excessive sun and environmental damage, while the wild mushroom extract is known to help improve skin firmness, revealing a fresh, non-oily glow. This essence absorbs excess oil and perspiration on the skin. Not to mention, its all-natural, bright aroma is summer euphoria.

PUUR Ingrid - Facial Radiance

BRIGHTEN YOUR SKIN AND FIGHT THE SIGNS OF AGING This facial oil is not just your ordinary skin brightener and conditioning facial oil. It is carefully formulated with the most potent and pure ingredients complementing each other in all the right ways. Brighten your skin and fight the signs of aging with this deeply conditioning facial oil. Evening Primrose oil moisturizes and enhances skin elasticity while Vitamin C helps your skin naturally regenerate and repair damaged skin cells. Plant-derived Squalane penetrates deep into your pores to promote collagen production, leaving your face feeling luxurious and radiant.

Revive7 Science - Revitalizing Lash Serum

CANADA'S FAVOURITE AWARD-WINNING LASH SERUM. SINCE 2012. The first Canadian lash serum made with only seven clean and vegan ingredients. Made without bimatoprost, latanoprost, isopropyl cloprostenate, or hormone analogues of any kind. Revive7 Lash Serum is gentle, easy to use, and effective. The science starts working in as little as seven days, visibly strengthening and thickening the look of lashes. Made in Canada. Our Patent-pending formula has remained the same since 2012. 10 years of real results! Made with only 7 clean ingredients - Results within 7-28 days with twice daily use.

Vama - 13 Blend Pre-Wash Hair Oil Treatment

NET WT. 1.76 oz. I 50 G Inspired by the ancient Indian ritual of hair oiling, our luxurious Ayurveda-based hair oil treatment is a ritual that stimulates the scalp and promotes the absorption of our perfectly balanced blend of 13 powerful plant-based oils to nourish, repair and strengthen the scalp and hair. Using native Indian herbs and plant extracts grown on Indian soil, this nutrient and anti-oxidant-rich plant-based vegan formulation works to: 1. Stimulate hair regrowth 2. Treat and repair damaged brittle hair 3. Nourish and soothe dry and itchy scalp 4. Strengthen and thicken hair The secret? Our 13 BLEND Pre-Wash Hair Oil treatment provides intense nourishment, rejuvenating the scalp and hair shafts leaving you with a nourished and calm scalp and healthy, soft, and luscious hair.


Just because your skin is considered "normal" doesn't mean it should be treated as such. Targeted skincare clean beauty products can help maintain balance, prevent potential issues, and give your skin the love and care it deserves.

Don't forget to follow Clean Beauty Awards and the featured brands to stay up-to-date on who will rise as winners this year based on their product performance.

And be sure to check out The Ultimate List of Natural Body Care Products to Beautify your Body From Head to Toe, and dive deeper into clean beauty to achieve perfectly maintained skin from head to toe. Until then, happy clean beauty hunting!