Learn the Aromatherapy, Academic and Natural Inspiration for SALVEO Skin Care

Learn the Aromatherapy, Academic and Natural Inspiration for SALVEO Skin Care

Learn the global inspiration for clean beauty skincare brand, SALVEO
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Youngok Bok’s passion for aromatherapy was the catalyst that started something extraordinary, taking her across the globe to study aromatherapy and its physiological and psychological impacts. She is committed to creating effective and safe products and educating and informing others about the beauty and impact of clean beauty.

From housewife to academic and SALVEO founder, Youngok Bok’s journey is inspiring. Today, she spends her time running a successful academy, a cosmetics manufacturing company and establishing a museum of aromatherapy. We chatted with her about her experiences and what helped her establish her flourishing brand, SALVEO.

What did you do before SALVEO?

Until I was forty, I was an ordinary housewife. I fell in love with aromatherapy and decided to go to England to study. After obtaining my Aromatherapy qualification, I entered the University of Plymouth to study the effects of physiology and psychology on the production of aromatherapy on cognition and executive function. This is where it all began.

Once I returned to Korea, I opened an academy specializing in aromatherapy while obtaining a master's degree in cosmetology. I worked on the Review of Therapeutic Effects of Essential oils Against Stress-Related Atopic Dermatitis. Shortly after, I moved to Gwangyang to enter the Graduate School of Oriental Medicine and obtained a doctorate in Oriental Medicine, researching the anti-oxidant activity and anti-aging effect of the flower buds of prunus mume.

What hurdles have you had to overcome in your formulations and establishing SALVEO?

To make cosmetics, preservatives, chelating, buffering, and skin conditioning agents are added. Artificially synthesized substances are included for anti-aging, whitening, moisturizing, fragrances, or pigments. In formulating all of SALVEO’s products, I needed to harness raw materials' nutritional and pharmacological properties without using additives or artificial chemicals. This is challenging because creating stable and lasting cosmetics that are functional is not an easy task. I insist on using pure vegetable oils, essential oils and medicinal plant extracts for healthy and beautiful skin. I reject all artificially made chemical ingredients, which I am proud to say I have accomplished.

What was the inspiration for SALVEO?

I have been running an Academy and cosmetic manufacturing company specializing in Aromatherapy since 2005. At the beginning of my business, my company was located in Seoul. I moved to Gwangyang city to research the efficacy of prunus mume tree flowers and to establish an aromatherapy museum. Gwangyang, famous for its prunus mume trees, is much warmer and has more excellent weather to grow herbs. My research on prunus mume tree flowers showed effective skin moisturizing, antioxidizing, and anti-aging. Maehwasoo is a Korean word for prunus mume flower water. I named the company Maehwasoo cosmetics because my cosmetics are made with Prunus mume flower water (Maehwasoo). Maehwa (flower of the Prunus mume tree) bloom in the snow in early spring, and they are a messenger to announce spring with strong energy (氣) that overcomes the harsh winter cold, noble fragrance, and beautiful appearance.

Which SALVEO product really stands out?

Maehwasoo Serum contains Ginseng and Angelica root extract, which is ideal for women's health and skin. Hyaluronic acid is an effective ingredient for moisturizing. In addition, baobab and macadamia oil are perfect for aging skin and rosehip oil help with skin cell regeneration. Maehwasoo Serum is especially suitable for dry skin and aging skin.

What is the best part of your job?

My products are environmentally friendly, and my company strives to contribute to society and the environment. I believe that to achieve beautiful skin, the body must be healthy and to keep the body healthy, the environment must be healthy. Protecting and cultivating a healthy and beautiful environment is essential for humanity. I am committed to environmental sustainability in the products and packaging I use.

A truly global citizen, Youngok Bok has travelled the world to discover her passion for clean beauty. With a combination of oriental medicine, aromatherapy and physiological and psychological studies, Youngok Bok is proving the effectiveness of SALVEO products. Using locally grown, heavily researched and non-toxic ingredients, her brand continues to make strides in natural beauty alchemy and education.

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