Berry Essence is The Ultimate Skin Care Ingredient We Have Been Waiting For

Berry Essence is The Ultimate Skin Care Ingredient We Have Been Waiting For

Pickle’s Potions is using berry extracts to create the ultimate serum.
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Berry Essence may sound like a culinary delicacy but the reality is, berry extracts are proving incredibly beneficial to skin health. Blueberry oil and stem cells are reducing wrinkles, plumping firm and turning back time with their antioxidants. This is exactly why Pickle’s Potions has chosen to harness their power in their super effective Berry Essense.

Pickle’s Potions is a brand who’s mission is to provide botanically-rich, sensitive skin friendly beauty products that really work. Their Berry Essence is a perfect example of their outstanding products. The ingredients include real, authentic and natural botanicals and key actives. Specifically developed to improve skin texture and tone, Pickle’s Potions’ Berry Essence stands out among similar products in their category. We chatted with founder, Kristin Mutchler about what makes their impressive formula so impactful.

What is Pickle’s Potions all about?

Pickle's Potions was founded in 2015 out of our desire to create high-performance natural products. In 2015 there were very few clean beauty options and we set out to change that. One of our primary goals was to formulate natural skincare alternatives to drugstore brand products. We use locally-grown herbs, botanical actives, and naturally derived extracts to create effective products that can compete with name brands. Clean beauty for us means transparency and authenticity. We formulate and manufacture all of our products in-house with the utmost dedication to purity.

What is it about Berry Essence that makes it so impressive?

Our Berry Essence is an incredibly light hydration booster that delivers multiple actives. We select each ingredient specifically for its benefit with no ‘fillers. It is hard to narrow down our favourite and most powerful ingredient as every single one serves a purpose.

Resveratrol protects your skin’s surface and helps with negative environmental influences. It brightens tired complexion, is skin-calming, and reduces the appearance of redness. Resveratrol is a natural antioxidant and helps fight skin aging.

Sacha inchi helps repair skin, synthesize collagen, and prevent loss of elasticity. It can reduce sagging, increase skin density, smooth the appearance of skin texture, and reduce the look of wrinkles. Rich in omega 3s it improves moisture retention, and is soothing to dry or irritated skin.

Panthenol (provitamin B5) is a humectant, an emollient, and is effective in smoothing and softening your skin. As an anti-inflammatory, it can improve cell turnover and restore skin barrier function.

Blueberry oil is high in omega 3 and vitamin E, and is one of the most potent berries for rejuvenating antioxidants. It can aid in reducing wrinkles, plumps and firms the skin, while moisturizing and nourishing.

Allantoin, extracted from the comfrey plant, soothes and protects the skin. It can aid in skin healing and helps to stimulate new tissue growth.

Niacinamide (B3) is one of our all-time favorites. It is brightening and hydrating, helping to prevent the signs of aging. It's amazing for acne-prone skin and aids in repairing the damaged skin barrier. It also helps reduce brown spots, redness and improves skin texture.

Sea kelp bio ferment improves nutrient delivery, promotes a healthy glow, and hydrates dry skin. Not only is it anti-aging and moisturizing, but it is also rich in iodine and minerals that help prevent damage to the skin barrier.

Blueberry Stem Cells enhance cellular metabolism, are potent antioxidants, and skin protectants.

Who is this product perfect for?

We suggest this product to people who are looking to improve their skin's texture and tone. We also recommend it for acne-prone skin. The Essence is really great for all skin types, which was our aim. We wanted a hydrating layer that provided intense moisture with potent actives.

How did you discover this unique list of ingredients and what research backs it up?

As we were researching this particular product, we knew we wanted it to really stand out. We did not use any water, so technically, this is a 'waterless' product despite being extremely hydrating. Most skincare products have one or two active ingredients, with multiple fillers and texturizers. We wanted a seriously potent option that was nothing but nourishing, all the way through.

Pickle's Potions has multiple years of research experience and knowledge gained from cosmetic formulation courses. The ingredients we use have had extensive research studies like the ones listed here:


Sacha Inchi extract


Blueberry Stem Cells

How can Berry Essence be used for ultimate results?

The Berry Essence is best used after cleansing and toning, but before any oil-based serums. It works best when gently pressed into damp skin.

We also highly recommend using this on your neck and chest! Additionally, we have found that people who sweat excessively love this product as it provides hydration but does not 'slide' off their face.

Pickle’s potions is one of the first brands to step out of the typical skin care mold, creating natural skin care since 2015. Their intentional curation of skin care products and their many years of experience, makes them stand out among similar brands. Their Berry Essence isn’t their only amazing product. Their Lash + Brow Serum is also a best seller.

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